Sunday, July 10, 2016

The 5th Wave - A sci-fi lovey dovey movie with all the right formulas

I'm sure you've all seen or read The 5th Wave. Its a story that involves all the right points a teen sci-fi story should incorporate. Being an avid watcher (note I said "watch" and not "read") of the hunger games trilogy as well as other cool movies and books such as the divergent series and even maze runner (might as well throw "the host" into the mix), I've noticed several trends in these movies that I have grown to love. But first, a brief spoiler to the 5th wave.

The 5th wave tells the story of a young lass named Cassie who embarks on a "the last of us" like adventure to search for her brother Sam in the midst of an alien force invasion that incorporates a 5 wave attack pattern to cleanse the earth from humans and claim the planet as their own. There she met an "other" (the alien race in question) who goes by the name of Evan Walker but unlike the "other"s, he chooses to be human because of the feats Cassie took in order to survive on her own and search for her brother. Sam and numerous other children are drafted by the others and trained as well as tricked to fight other human survivors in their behalf (hence the 5th wave of attack by the others). However, football captain Ben who now goes by Zombie, a former classmate and potential love interest of Cassie is able to uncover this secret and went to rescue Sam as well.

Now, I've spoiled the movie for you (I've yet to read the novel), now onto my quick review. Firstly I am a sucker for alien sci-fi movies. Throwing in a teen like love story and a quest for self improvements like those movies I've elaborated in the first paragraph of this post makes the movie even sweeter. Like its numerous cousins, the 5th wave focuses on a "what if" near future scenario and tells the adventures of a strong female lead character who is on a quest for either self improvement, love, saving their loved ones, or all of the above. 

Not to mention, Chloe Grace Moretz is my favorite actress as of right now, her past performance in Kick ass and Kick ass 2 meant that seeing her running around and shooting guns in this movie is a quick refresher to what she can do if you mess with her.

In closing, despite many movie review website giving it a mediocre scores, let us go back and examine The Host  , which is also a sci-fi movie that receives a mediocre review, but is worth watching if you are like me and love these kinds of entertaining pursuit of survivals.