Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Getting Serious with Web Programming - A new Project Blog

Howdy you, its been a while since my last Sunday bike ride hasn't it?

I'm just writing here to announce my new Programming blog called Swimsuit Issue #49. Since I am now in my 6th semester of study, I told myself to get serious about my studies and focus more on my programming projects, specifically web programming related. It also happens that I am currently taking a scripting language course that has a compulsory requirement of having a blog to document my projects for that course.

Luckily, as you can clearly see from my past experience of managing the content of this blog, I am quite self sufficient in the art of putting up random important pieces of writing in a blog. Swimsuit issue will primarily be about my programming projects, but also expect some funny off the grind posts to lighten up the blog.

Unfortunately, as much as I love Google and the blogger platform, Binus is not a fan of Blogger and opted for wordpress cms system for all its student blog hosting. On the plus side, I get more layout design freedom for my blog / ghetto project website.

Do not fret though, because this does not mean that I will stop writing this blog, I'm just gonna have to manage its slightly serious tech oriented cousin.

So, do you prefer blogger or wordpress??? (SHOTS FIRED).


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