Friday, March 13, 2015

Freezing in Melbourne - Visit to Australia pt. 3

The last stop for my visit to Australia is Melbourne, the city where my cousin has lived for the last couple of years. After conversing with a friendly stewardess who happens to have a wedding reception invite for his cousin's wedding at the Ritz in Jakarta (shout outs to mr. Eko from Qantas), I waited for my cousin to come pick Me and my family up from the airport in the wonderful Melbourne weather. Sure the sun is out and all, but the wind is still very chilly. I plan to stay at my cousin's for a few days out in Narre Warren.

The suburbs isn't all that bad, the roads are big and less crowded than the roads in the city, the atmosphere is more chill and laid back (its in the suburbs, what else you expect?), and did I mention that it was cold?. I took the train every time I want to go places because the distances I traveled were quite far from each other. I went to the DFO which is like a normal factory outlet like the ones in Bandung, except this one is filled with Sheridans and fish n' chips. I went to see Chadstone, a new shopping center where they supposedly have everything under one roof. And even managed to attend a Friday prayer in one of the mosques near my cousin's place ( it was in another suburbs though, about 10-15 minutes drive ).

I've never set foot on any chicken shops, although I was quite pumped to visiting one after watching the comical web series dirty bird.

One of the key destinations that my Cousin insisted on me seeing is the penguin reserve on Philips island. Philips island is located at the small peace of island south of Melbourne in Google maps if you want to know where it is. We had to cross a bridge to get to the island, the good thing about it is that it is easier for them to keep the animals in a sort of natural habitat. My cousin took me to the "penguin palace" near sunset because that is when the penguins come home to their holes dug near the beaches after a day of hunting for fishies. Unfortunately I've no collection of penguin pictures because cameras are forbidden throughout the penguin reserve to shield the penguin's eyes from so called "camera flashes". Did I mention the place was cold? Guess that's what I get when visiting in the winter...

I moved to stay at the city for the rest of the trip for "undisclosed reasons". The city of Melbourne is pretty cool, not just the vibe, but the weather as well (I am such a sour trout about this weather issue). After being in 3 different cities, I can tell that each has its unique style. Perth with its laid back people, Sydney's metropolis setting, and Melbourne... well... Melbourne. I heard that Melbourne is one of the best cities to live in, I know that Sofles the graff writer is from Melbourne, and I know that I almost went here to study. I went around the city like I always do, then I went to Victoria Market street.

Victoria Market is a market, but not like the ones we have here back home. The market is filled with people who needs stuff to buy, or just random people looking for some time out in the city.

The buildings in Melbourne are pretty cool, little alleyways filled with cafes and old buildings with remodeled interior are abundant in the Melbourne CBD. Walking around Melbourne is a new experience for anyone who is new in town, there is always something cool to find.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Long Azz Break... - A Quick Update

I'm still here. I might've missed some post a while back (Actually, a lot of them since the part 2 of my Australia trip). School and other guy business can get in the way of writing tasty stories for this blog of mine, I've been way to busy with my Uni work (believe it or not). With the end of last semester's finals, comes the even semester, yes I hardly get any break from odd to even semester.

Anyway Lets cut to the chase, a lot has happen after my last posted trip. I went to Bali for My dad's plastic surgery symposium, some road trips here and there, the Binus International capoeira club gathering , and many more. I'm planning to make some new posts besides me traveling around, so my blog will slowly turn into a personal blog telling stories about my everyday live (not all of them), and who knows, I might start vlogging??.

So sit tight, relax, and rest assured that I will write some more stories, just after I finish this one assignment...