Friday, July 31, 2015

Dangdut seafood & Alcoholic fruit drinks in Gresik

July 31st 2015
The last time I was in Surabaya back in September 2014 (I'm going to Surabaya again this year for another wedding -_-) was for a wedding, My family took a whole bus for a joyride to Tuban which is a half day drive from Surabaya. I stopped by a sea food restaurant known for its milkfish or "bandeng" and the east javanese famous drink. After that wedding event I haven't gone back there until my dad's Symposium meeting.

When I landed in Surabaya for My dad's symposium meeting, the first thing I wanted to eat was skewered clams that I ate in Bandeng Pak Ela in Gresik back at the wedding fiasco. I went back there to savor the flavors of the east java sea. 

If you happen to stop by Gresik, I totally recommend stopping by Pak Ela's, doesn't matter if it is the 1st or the number 2 (I personally love the 1st one because it is likely to be less crowded and more Dangdut can be heard from the TV here), and order up some fried milkfish and calm skewers with a nice tub of Legen to wash it all down.

The fish and clams are so plain, so don't forget to use the dipping sambal because that is where the party's at. The seafood is so fishy that you know it is actually taken straight out of the water and into the sizzling frying pan. Now the drink, legen is actually made from siwalan, locals can process this tree and use its fruits and alchemy to make the delicious drink... legen. If you wait long enough, this thing can ferment and change into tuak, an alcoholic version of legen.

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