Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Long Azz Break... - A Quick Update

I'm still here. I might've missed some post a while back (Actually, a lot of them since the part 2 of my Australia trip). School and other guy business can get in the way of writing tasty stories for this blog of mine, I've been way to busy with my Uni work (believe it or not). With the end of last semester's finals, comes the even semester, yes I hardly get any break from odd to even semester.

Anyway Lets cut to the chase, a lot has happen after my last posted trip. I went to Bali for My dad's plastic surgery symposium, some road trips here and there, the Binus International capoeira club gathering , and many more. I'm planning to make some new posts besides me traveling around, so my blog will slowly turn into a personal blog telling stories about my everyday live (not all of them), and who knows, I might start vlogging??.

So sit tight, relax, and rest assured that I will write some more stories, just after I finish this one assignment...

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