Monday, December 8, 2014

Sight seeing around in Sydney - My visit to Aussie pt.2

Sydney is a delightful place, and I am not saying that just because the weather there was warmer than Perth when I was visiting. The pilot mentioned "sunny paradise" when We were landing compared to "the gloomy weather at Perth", and I think he is right in a way. Australia is still Australia, so their definition of warm may differ from the warm back home in Indonesia, because the winds were still blowing chills up my body when I was walking around Sydney with My Family later that day.

After settling in at our apartment hotel, we waited as My cousin came and picked up my Auntie who was traveling with Me to Melbourne with him to visit his house. Before he left, we spent a day going around the Sydney CBD ( guess Australians really love their central business districts, they name their downtown area the CBD for some reason ). 

What is a post about Sydney without the picture of the Opera house?
The atmosphere in Sydney has a metropolitan kind of feel. Sure the shops close early like they do in Perth, but during the day, there is a considerable amount of traffic, pedestrians, and bike messengers going around their daily bustle. There are more shopping centers here than what I experienced during my stay in Perth. Me and my Family rarely took the bus here, the only public transport I remember boarding was my taxi to and from the airport, and the metro train that I hopped on with my Cousin when we went to the Sydney Opera house. Ooh, a little fun fact, don't eat donuts or any other finger food when you're walking around the opera house harbor, pesky little bastards might swoop in from the air and steal your donuts while you are freaking eating them!

After My auntie left with my Cousin, We finally had the whole next day in Sydney to ourselves. My mum had an idea of visiting Darling harbor since before we even book our tickets to Australia. The place is quite nice if you plan to spend the day without seeing a lot of shops. Let me put it this way, Darling harbor is basically a bay area, with an aquarium, a wax exhibit, a mini zoo, and lots of cafes in it.

We bought tickets to Madame Tussauds, the Sydney aquarium, and the Sydney Eye, because there was some sort of promo at the visitors center. The Madame Tussauds wax exhibit was pretty cool. The place is mostly filled with wax statues of famous Australians, but some famous pop icons are also present as their wax counterparts. The Madame Tussauds museum is definitely worth a visit if you plan to go play around in Sydney. The Sydney aquarium however was a bit of a disappointment. I think that the aquarium could be more lively, with more diverse collection of animals, and the fish tank cleaned more often. My mum was especially disappointed because she cant meet Pig and Wuru the two Dugongs who were on vacation, because their space was being revamped by project workers.

The last spot I went to see is the Sydney eye tower. At first I thought the tower was in Darling because that is where I bought the ticket, it turns out that it was located back in the new Westfield mall downtown. Me and My family walked all the way back to the CBD, then looked for Westfield, and finally went up the tower to see some metro sights. We waited for about an hour for the sunset and saw some cool buildings with their lights on. It feels cool how We are taller than most buildings there, kinda scary also. Afterwards We went back to the hotel to pack for Melbourne, but We stopped by a halal pizza place beside our hotel for some well earned grub.

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