Thursday, May 1, 2014

Inapras 2014 Day #1

April 30th 2014.

It is that time of the year again, a time where my father attends his annual plastic surgeons symposium. Each year the venue's varies, I remember the Bali days when I was still a child ( I still consider myself a child ), then a couple of years ago the symposium was held in Medan ( I could not come with my dad because I had to play a show with my band ). However, the organizers did something different this year and held the event at Bogor, just a couple of Highway kilometers from Jakarta. Going here is like trying to go to the toilet at 3 A.M, its near enough to go to, but is hard to accomplish.

Anyway, the thing is going down at Novotel in Bogor. I've never been there, so I thought that the place is going to be located in some open field. Apparently the hotel is located inside a real estate complex. My family and I ook the dificult back roads leading into the complex, I criss-crossed under highways, went to some rough village roads, and even backtrack in some ocassions. After we asked some funny locals around a motorcycle garage, they finally point us into an entrance into the housing complex where the hotel is located ( the backdoor entrance which leads to the villages ).

My dad had to registrate himself and attend a meeting afternoon, leaving me, My mom, and Karin to ponder around the hotel grounds. Luckily, they have a sporting clubhouse around back which includes a pool and other recreational sports activities available. Since it was about 5 in the afternoon when I got there, I only got a chance to play ping pong and table soccer with My mom and Karin.

I got to watch a new season of Avatar Korra later in the evening, I dont know why, but I'm a big avatar fan (again) for no reason. Maybe it is because of the constant muay thai I've been doing which pushes me in the drection of anything martial arts? Or maybe its because I've been reading too much Avaar the last airbender comics this past couple of weeks...

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