Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The big move - the master is moving house

Hey you, its been a while. So much has happen in the last couple of weeks, so much that I cant even go and blog about some of them. The most important thing happening is the big move.

Yes I am finally moving out of the old place and back into my older home. I've moved a lot and finally my family decided to settle down in my old childhood home back in '05. The move went slow and steady. First my older stuff in the attics and back rooms are packed in boxes and sent to the new place. After about 2-3 weeks, our daily items are packed and delivered. By week 4 I'm already settling down in the new place. 

I love my current home better than my old one that belonged to my grandmothers family. This place has more air flow, less dust (hooray for no more allergies), way more sunlight, and a back yard. Ever since I was a kid, I love back yards because I can play around, walk around, and catch some sun for my skin (sunlight is good for you, so get up and go out right now!).

In summary, hope to hear some new blog posts coming from me soon...

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