Saturday, April 19, 2014

Friday Night Chills

Thursday, April 17th.

This morning my Mum and Dad had to hop on a plane to Semarang to mourn the passing of my Dad's late aunt. The morning started well because I had to hunt for tickets as well as pay at a nearby atm because Lion air doesent accept credit cards on flights booked under 48 hours (a policy they should cleverly revise). My Sis and I stayed at home because the outgoing Garuda flight had only 3 seats, the parents think it is wise for the both of us to stay at home to avoid any jealousy problems. My parents were going home this evening anyway.

After running the day's errands which included visiting my cousin at the hospital and Karin's pedicure, I asked the Lord to drive me and my Sis to Bhakti fried rice because I was getting vamished and need of substances. Fried rice is a vital substance, and I need my dose right away. He was hessitant, but Lord drove us there anyway. I had a belping of chicken liver fried rice as well as a petay (stinky bean) fried rice. I have never tasted petay before and I am happy with my first taste. Lord say I should watch where I pee because apparently eating petay makes your pee stink like a drainpipe, or so they say. 


I recieved a text from my parents asking me to buy them some meatballs at blok S which is quite popular. The lord parked me and my sis near the soccer field and he went down to buy some meatballs, and some murtabaks that my sis wants, and anything else that he wants. Now the field is dark, and Lord parked the car under a Beringin tree. The Beriging tree is always ascosiated with the supernatural here in Indonesia, not to mention this was a friday night and is also ascosiated with the supernatural here. I locked the doors and went to the drivers seat in case something funky goes down and I need a quick getaway. My sister then moves to the front passenger seat for no reason. I asked her why, and she said nothing as she blared some loud music through the radio. The radio soon stopped and prambors had a scary story session. 

Boy was the atmosphere right for some bad Juju, luckily nothing happened and the Lord went back to the car with some food. As we drove to the airport to pick up my parents, my sister unleashed some bone chilling revelations of why she moved to the front passenger seat while we were parked before...

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