Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Two-day improv traveling

Tuesday, 18th February 2014 


We've all known about that famous "things to do before you die" bucket list number #xxx, which is to go throw a dart on a globe / map and take the first flight headed there the next morning. I will now share my experience on undertaking that sort of task, although my trip was not impromptu and the place I went to is not some random god forsaken hell-hole in the middle of Africa ( believe me, there are a lot of beautiful places in Africa too like Egypt and South Africa). My place of destination is good old Singapore just north west of Jakarta.

A while back, my mum asked me, my dad, and Karin to come with her to Singapore because she has some "errands" to complete. Judging from past experiences, We all know what "errands" means. First, mum wants to go book a flight that same day and go home on the latest flight, but she does not want to go alone. So, she told me and my dad to free up some time later so we can all go together. Karin is starting her startup business so she was free anytime. I had finals and some debate schedules, and I decided that 17th and 18th of February was free because a competition was on the Saturday and Sunday before the 17th of February. I thought wrong, the competition was on the 16th and 17th of February ( sorry coach ).

After a brief encounter with Bipeds, I went to Singapore with the family yesterday morning at 5 in the morning. We almost missed our flight because immigration at terminal 3 was awful, it was like waiting for a flu shot at the communal clinic. I've never had a flu shot that I remember getting, maybe my parents knocked me out to save them the trouble? Anyways, I ran to the bus taking me to my airplane on the runway, guess those time spent on the treadmill was worth it because I managed to outrun my whole family even though they had a head start. 

After arriving in Singapore, We checked in, left our luggage, and Immediately did our "errands". I've been here a couple of times before, but it usually is a 3 day trip. This time it was a 2 day 1 night trip ( Dad says he is too tired if we gunned it in a day and go home later that night). Now, the difference with my usual visits here and a flash visit like now is the timing. On a 3 day visit, we usually have a lot of energy reserve to run errands around town, because we have ample rest and plenty of time the next 2 days. That luxury is cut out from us on flash visits like this time. On a flash visit, we go all out the first and second day running errands. Rest is only for sleep at night, no breaks to the hotel during the day. 

I am currently writing this in the airport terminal waiting for my flight back home. The time is 20:50 Singapore time. Guess how long I have been here? A long time, since 4 in the afternoon. We like to walk around Changi airport awhile every time we are going home. But I think that my mum has just hit an all time best right now cause I am beat, and so are Karin and my dad. But hey, it's a learning experience. Unfortunately, I won't be doing this again for a while...

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