Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cikoneng Jilid III, a visit to sdn Cikoneng

The wonderful view along the dirt road
 In my years in academia, I've always been tasked by the teachers to conduct some sort of project according to the subject that they teach. About a month ago I went off with some of my classmates to do our social project for our character building scores. Two of the guys in my group Harits and Rasyid has an old contact that we can call and ask if he needs help. They have links to a school in Cikoneng which is in Mount Salak, the famous place known as "puncak" by local Jakarta citizens. The social project requires us to "do something to affect our self, as well as our community. The group Opted to "teach" at the Cikoneng Elementary school. It sounds like a marvelous plan to me too.

After weeks of planing and wrapping gifts, our group decided to go to Cikoneng on the 16th of January.... I Think, all i know is that I had Karina's birthday party after the trip to Cikoneng. We wanted to meet at the gas station beside campus at 7 a.m sharp. Unfortunately, I arrived at 7:30, Billy caught up to my car when the group was departing for Cikoneng, and one guy didn't even show. A great start to the day. Highway was a bit crowded as soon as we are near the exit to puncak, traffic was dense and the jockeys offering "alternate routes" up the mountain can be seen lining up outside the toll gate. And I thought they were the same like the 3-in-1 jockeys, they weren't, they were even serious. Because we were late departing from the gas station, the cars are already piling up the roads up the mountain. It was a Saturday ( so I didn't went to Cikoneng on the 16th ), hence the police were conducting 1 way traffic on some of the incline parts of the mountain roads which means my car had to wait about an hour for our turn to go up the mountain. Going up he mountain, I could see people paragliding and parachuting, soaring up with the mountain winds.

After we do arrive at the meeting point with Mr Rudy, I was told by Haritz to go talk to Mr Rudy. Apparently he wants us to pay a "toll" fee to go up the small mountain roads. I went into the "toll" post with Billy and talked with the nice man there, I tried asking for a free pass up to Cikoneng but I failed, so we decided to pay anyways or else our journey so far is worthless The roads up to Cikoneng were small, full of gravel and dirt, and well... small. So small that it looks almost like a one way road. Its amazing knowing that people actually live up here near the tea plantations, away from the hustle and rustle of the city. The remote-ness of this area actually has a positive side, which is that you feel relaxed and calm up here. No cars honking randomly, no smoke pollution, and obviously no cops pulling you over when you go through the transjakarta line.

Once the group and I arrived at Cikoneng, our butts were sore because of the road bumps andwe were relieved by the smiling faces of the children we were "supposed" to teach. Well teaching them some stuff was actually part of the original plan for our social project for character building. But since we did not bring any teaching materials with us, we opted to teach them one of the most important value that we believe every person in Indonesia needs to have, which is unity and togetherness. I know it isn't actually a subject, but hey at least its a positive value right?.

We make the children play team building and mind bending games, thanks to Alex and Haritz for masterminding games to pass the times. The final game was a check point based game where the children have to go through each checkpoint, having to fulfill a task to move on. I was in charge of the post where the children have to recite the pancasila. I happen to notice that some of the girls are lookers, I mean they are REALLY pretty. Unfortunately they are aged 6-10 which is a turn off for me. Not really, but its against the law for me to date kids that age. Anyways...

After we finished playing (read: teaching) the kids. We say our goodbyes and say our thanks to Mr Rudy for letting us have our way with the kids (boy, that came out wrong). We went back down the dirt road and onto the main road downhill. But since we were hungry we stopped by the infamous sate PSK. Sate PSK is a well known place because people going to puncak cant miss its advertising banner. PSK can mean two things; it can mean hookers, or sate per kilo. This case it was the 2nd meaning. Haritz ordered up some beef, mutton, and chicken sate for all of us. The lord came with us to eat at PSK. While we waited for the food, we played a card game that Alex brought. He brought some fancy card games, lots of them, we played saboteur. The lord was eager to learn and play saboteur although he has no idea how to play it. The food was okay, some of the meat was still a bit cold but we dont mind...

When we finally set off after eating our late lunch, we were already too late. Too late, as in the traffic back flow was already piling up. Everyone wanted to go back down to Jakarta. It couldnt get any worse right? wrong. Soon the rain was pouring down. Mountain rain and city rain is totally different. The heaviest city rain is child's play compared to mountain rain. Mountain rain is mental, it feels like it is actually raining bullets, not to mention the strong winds blowing the rains faster. I feel sorry for the sucker who is still paragliding up in this weather.
before the road
after the road
After an exhausting 5 hours on the road we finally made it back to Jakarta. I dropped of the guys in their destinations and I continued home to attend my sist's birthday bash. I asked some of the guys to join but they all declined, so I guess I'm on my own..

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