Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Back to campus - Things to do in a new semester

The alarm sound wakes you up ( or in My case, My mum slapping my leg trying to get me up ), the cold shower freezes your skin, a dull breakfast because making a "proper" breakfast takes too long and its already time for you to leave your home. No this is not a sequence of me getting kicked out of the house, it is a sequence that I frequently experience each time I wake up for my morning classes. A new semester in Binus just started, meaning that the week long semester holiday that binus gave me just ran out and its time to go back to Senayan for another semester of "fun" learning. In this post, I will share some key things to do, that I believe is of the essentials (especially if you are binusian).

1. Do get to your first day early.

I made the mistake of not getting to binus early on my first day. I woke up early, had breakfast, and spent half an hour laying in bed watching adventure time on cartoon network. I was gonna take my motor bike like I used to, but since it was raining I had to take a car, I only had 30 minutes to get to class. Arteri road is jammed up because of the usual traffic, but since I am on a car and not on my trusty bike, I cant slip in between cars to get pass traffic. In the end I didnt make it to class because I'm sick of traffic and its already 6:45, class starts at 6:30. 

Do not, under any circumstances be late on your first day because it will ruin your overall mood. I got scolded by my family for not attending class because of traffic, it could be worse. Secondly, things dont always go according to plan, so being early can really save you time when the unthinkable happens. If you are still sleepy and class have not started, you can steal a wuick nap on the table, or find a nice place to cuddle up while your lecturer is on their way.

2. Check your exam scores.


You should always check your scores from the last semester as soon as the new semester starts. It is almost compulsary, because it gets your parents off your back by actually telling them your scores. If it is that bad and you dont want to tell your parents, at least YOU know your own scores. So your scores can be a motivation for you to study harder in the next semester or keep up your original study agenda.

Funny story, my exam grades are not out yet. During the last couple of days on my holiday, I checked lms (the online school site for grades, news, and schedules) for my grades. 3 subjects have already submitted their grades to my profile. Needless to say I pass, but today I checked back my scores to find them back to null except for my mid semester scores. Binus should really fixed up their posting system eh...

3. Check what class your on & your schedule.

Its the 2nd semester for me, so I cant pick my own classes because binus picks them for me. Each semester your class will usually change and some of your mates might be in a different class than you. So whats the point of checking what class your on? Well it would be silly if you walked in on a class with your past classmates and spend 2-3 hours hearing a lecture about a subject your not supposed to be on your study plan will it?.

Check your schedule timetable as well because they are subject to change each semester...

These 3 points are the ones I think are nescesarry to do when you start a new semester to avoid any mix ups and miscommunications with your driver, family, etc. I'm sure there are others like buy books, or bribe the school security, or any other things that you can do on a new semester.

What do you do when you go back to school or work? 

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