Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A visit to the Singapore National Museum

An old English war poster of the allies

I'm no history buff, when it comes to going to places like a library, war memorials, or even museums you could say that I'm the type of person that likes to stay out by the entrance and wait it out. Dont get me wrong, museums are filled with fascinating stories and so called "knowledge". In fact, it is a place where you might find the answer to last weeks history (if any). But I was never a fan of museums because I think that its boring.

Nevertheless, When my cousin Alia asks me to come visit a museum after my mom's (and mine's) shopping sesh in Takashimaya, I decided to come along to the museum. She didn't specify which museum, but I had the Singapore arts museum in mind because most of my "artsy hipster" friends is visiting the arts museum. After a quick bus trip lead by Karin, We ended up in front of the Singapore national museum.

At first I imagined the place to look like the "gajah" museum back home in Jakarta. Boring, dull, pale, hot and dirty, with a chance of some restless spirits lingering around the "mystical" kampoeng ceremonial burial dolls. The national museum of Singapore is not as the "gajah" museum, its fully air conditioned, I got a digital companion tablet so I can her audio guides around the museum, but in some exhibits like the "fall of Singapore" and Chinese traditional garments which were held out like crosses give me goosebumps. The Chinese Outfits kinda give out some otherworldly aura.

Melayu movies
An old map of Sigapore

old melayu stories on paper
Nevertheless, some of the other parts of the museum were quite fascinating, even for my standards. There is a Singaporean entertainment history section which houses vintage movie posters, play flyers, and magazines. There's even a short movie scene that bares a resemblance to old Dono Kasino Indro movies playing from the digital projector, in black and white of course. The British settlement section also caught my eye as I love it how Singapore has got some old british style architecture in Bugis and other places, and its numbers of British expats :).

Those 2 sections are the ones I like. The rest of the museum are to heavy for my forte. I didn't stay there for long because I have to go back to the hotel to pick up my luggage and head straight to the airport to catch my plane home.

P.S there's a 10$ admission ticket to go in, so think twice penny pinchers

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