Friday, December 13, 2013

Stick shifts made out of sheep?

See that? That is a car's stickshift, no I'm joking, thats a real grilled lamb leg. I've been into this mutton thing for the past couple of weeks. I've eaten mutton Sate in Bandung, that famous fried rice in Kebon sirih, and finally this monstrosity. 

It all started when Karina started her driving lessons. We figured that its about time that she started learning how to drive, since She's a big girl and all. We sent her to Hanulia in Sambas which was where I learnt to "officially" drive a car. While I waited for her first session to finish, The lord and I were hungry. And I know a place where they have the most treatiest food in Barito, besides the porridge at night. 

The place is called "Kambing cairo", at least that is what I call it. The first time I was there was with my bandmates Bibin and Bayu, but that was a long time ago. It sells, as the name suggest, mutton. They claim that the mutton there are "no cholesterol". The lord thinks its a lot of bull, so he ordered the small 200 gram mutton. I ordered the 350 gram mutton, I would've gone for the half kilo one but I'm trying to cut down on mutton (Yea RIGHT!).

As for tastes, this place gets the Chamberlain seal of approval of "6". He says that its too dull and he thinks that the spices used in the marinade should be more exotic as the place's name is "Kambing Cairo". But I gave it a 7.5 because personally, I love meat that is only smothered in salt and pepper, simplicity is king...

And what of Karin do you ask?...

She's doing fine... if she can get her foot of the clutch smoothly...

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