Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sate detour at Lemans

These days I'm always hungry. Either because I'm a growing boy, or I just love to eat. Well during my visit to bandung to attend mu late Aunt's tahlilan I managed to brag my way into letting the inhabitants if my car to drive me to a Sate place. I havent really eaten any Sate's in Bandung, let alone mutyon sate. Again, I dont know why, but I've been having craves for anything mutton. Its either because I'm hungry for it, or I just live mutton, idk.

After a bit of googling in the car while on the highway, I found a place called "Sate Kambing Lemans" which is near my cousins house in Bandung, and they say its a very popular place to eat Mutton Sate in Bandung. They were'nt lying as the Sate tastes finger lickin good. So good, that my sist ( who ordered the chicken sate because she doesent really like mutton ) says that the Mutton taste better than the chicken. 

By the way, my Uncle Kentong tagged along with us to Alia's place for the Tahlilan. The lord had some mutton Action but he choose to donate some of his sate's to my plate ( actually, he just took about 4-5 skewers and dumped the rest on my plate) because he says he's cutting down on Cholestrol. I think that Cholestrol is a myth, so I ate a lot of it, almost 20 skewers of fatty mutton meat, hey if it is true I'm still under aged so the effects are still not felt on me.

After we finished, we head on to Alia's house to attend the Tahlilan...

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