Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My First Rave: Djakarta Warehouse Project 2013

I dont really go to raves, heck I never go to any night events. My sister Karina is really hot about the electronic dance scene which is booming up in Jakarta, and since she's going to dwp, I'm going there as well as protection, and to keep her under control because she's known as a party animal. 

Dwp is my official first ever rave, and my first festival that I stayed until the end since I always go home early during concerts due to my need of sleep. Dwp is full of colorful characters, as well as girls with short shorts, tank tops, and even see through tops. Seriously, when my sist and cousin who were hijab wearers came in through the ancol gate they were really shocked seeing the girls like that. But being the flexible persons they are, they just ignored them, we guys wont mind that anyway right?

I learned a lot that night, especially about tickets which is "always give out tickets to your group members BEFORE the show a day before". Going in and going out of the venue is hell believe me. The time spent rushing in through the crown to get inside is just not worth going out again and doing again to give tickets to your cousins, not to mention the "calo" who are trying to buy your venue wristband from you when you are out. Another lesson is there will be drunk people around so be ready to protect the female members of your group from those intoxicated don jons who hit on them or run into them topless. 

Anyway, The first artist that I saw perform was Anger Dimas at the main garuda stage. Since He's a dim mak records guy, he mixes some dim mak artist's songs. The only song I recognized is warped 1977 from the Bloody beetroots and that was it, I never really did heard any of his song play, or maybe I dont know any of his song. Second I saw some indie guys playing at the neon jungle stage. I thought they were the flight facilities but there were 4 of them and it was a live band, flight facilities played 15 minutes later... in the rain. I was soaked but still hyped because the music playing was really chilled and laid back. I didnt stay for the full set because zedd was scheduled afterwards at the main stage.

We rushed to the garuda stage and heard "stay the night" playing, so I missed the intro. But I did managed to see him play clarity. I saw him on his famous flannel. It was raining and the ground was dirt, so the dirt evolved into a mudbath that devoured sandals and numerous wakai shoes. Good thing I was wearing my vans sneakers, so at least it was still on my feet even though it was dirty as F&^K. I didn't go to any of the other stages afterwards because I stayed to watch Alesso and David guetta. I really prefer Alesso's set than Guetta. 
Guess who's drunk?

Met some friends there as well, met my boys Gandang and Ghufran, and other friends back in highschool. Gandang was with his uni friends there and Ghufran brought his cousin(?). His cousin wanted to take pictures with everyone there so we obliged, even though it was our first meeting ever. Guess he was one of those easy going guys, too easy going. Gandang scored a quarter full bottle of liquor from some drunk dude who was to tired to party, I didnt have any since I dont drink, it was empty anyway by the time he showed me the bottle. 

After 8 hours or so of partying around, the show was over and me and my group went home. Everyone was beat in the car. Good thing the lord was there to pick us up at 4:30 in the morning in Ancol since everyone was too tired to drive or call a cab. I was still pumped full of energy because I'm a morning person and I liked seeing the town in its early morning mode, and seeing the half naked girls going home walking to their cars...Went to bed as soon as I got home and showered the dirt away. Still have the wristband...

Friday, December 13, 2013

Stick shifts made out of sheep?

See that? That is a car's stickshift, no I'm joking, thats a real grilled lamb leg. I've been into this mutton thing for the past couple of weeks. I've eaten mutton Sate in Bandung, that famous fried rice in Kebon sirih, and finally this monstrosity. 

It all started when Karina started her driving lessons. We figured that its about time that she started learning how to drive, since She's a big girl and all. We sent her to Hanulia in Sambas which was where I learnt to "officially" drive a car. While I waited for her first session to finish, The lord and I were hungry. And I know a place where they have the most treatiest food in Barito, besides the porridge at night. 

The place is called "Kambing cairo", at least that is what I call it. The first time I was there was with my bandmates Bibin and Bayu, but that was a long time ago. It sells, as the name suggest, mutton. They claim that the mutton there are "no cholesterol". The lord thinks its a lot of bull, so he ordered the small 200 gram mutton. I ordered the 350 gram mutton, I would've gone for the half kilo one but I'm trying to cut down on mutton (Yea RIGHT!).

As for tastes, this place gets the Chamberlain seal of approval of "6". He says that its too dull and he thinks that the spices used in the marinade should be more exotic as the place's name is "Kambing Cairo". But I gave it a 7.5 because personally, I love meat that is only smothered in salt and pepper, simplicity is king...

And what of Karin do you ask?...

She's doing fine... if she can get her foot of the clutch smoothly...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sate detour at Lemans

These days I'm always hungry. Either because I'm a growing boy, or I just love to eat. Well during my visit to bandung to attend mu late Aunt's tahlilan I managed to brag my way into letting the inhabitants if my car to drive me to a Sate place. I havent really eaten any Sate's in Bandung, let alone mutyon sate. Again, I dont know why, but I've been having craves for anything mutton. Its either because I'm hungry for it, or I just live mutton, idk.

After a bit of googling in the car while on the highway, I found a place called "Sate Kambing Lemans" which is near my cousins house in Bandung, and they say its a very popular place to eat Mutton Sate in Bandung. They were'nt lying as the Sate tastes finger lickin good. So good, that my sist ( who ordered the chicken sate because she doesent really like mutton ) says that the Mutton taste better than the chicken. 

By the way, my Uncle Kentong tagged along with us to Alia's place for the Tahlilan. The lord had some mutton Action but he choose to donate some of his sate's to my plate ( actually, he just took about 4-5 skewers and dumped the rest on my plate) because he says he's cutting down on Cholestrol. I think that Cholestrol is a myth, so I ate a lot of it, almost 20 skewers of fatty mutton meat, hey if it is true I'm still under aged so the effects are still not felt on me.

After we finished, we head on to Alia's house to attend the Tahlilan...