Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The brightspot pt. 3(?)

The brightspot market, its back in town, again. It IS an annual thing but I forgot that a year passes so quickly. So when my sister and cousins are telling me that they want to go checkout lotte shopping avenue, I was shocked. The place is far from our house, and it is in a crowded area (kuningan). Nevertheless we still headed out there because it is a Sunday and we had nothing else to do, we also want to meet up with my aunt who just came back from mecca on her haji pilgrimage. 

I went to the brightspot on its last day. Like always, some of the booths are having a closing down sale usually 10-30% discounts, or some even throw in free stuff like free in ear headphones when you buy the big chunky ones. Because of that the place is a mess, people are crowding the expo place like rats attacking a cheese truck. Left to right are brands that are "indie" or as I like to call it hipster-esque. Most are selling clothes and shoes, some sell audio devices and gadgets like a dj controller and headphones, one booth even sells furniture and bedlinen. Imagine that, "hipster" bedlinen... The bedsheets are probably made out of some rare amazon cotton, and their pillows are stuffed with "organic" soft coffe beans.

A soon as I got there I caught up with Alia's friend from university, she was with another guy who apparently was her date. Ouch, I quickly grabbed my "sweet talk" tongue so I wont get hit by her date. Anyway, my sister went around with cousin Prasti while I hang around with Alia, my mom, and my dad. The place for the venue was okay, although I still prefer when they held it in pacific place or senayan. I walked around the place to look around and chat around with some denim heads across brightspot as we share thoughts on denim while some of them stare at my pair of evisu's that I'm wearing.

One of the booths has its tailors on site to provide "custom" 15 minute clothing.

I stopped by voyej's place and found that the place was overrun with people. They were happened to have a free leather treatment session so I signed me and my dad for a treatment. I got my wallet and belt treated with some oil while my dad got his kick-ass wallet done. Alia has a crush on Andika, the guy with the hat on the picture who was doing the treating. While I was there I picked up a leather money clip, my mum picked out a nice wallet and a couple of pairs of bracelets that she always wanted.

After walking around the whole place I got tired and met up with my sister and cousins. Alia wanted some ice cream sandwich by the mini ( if its a brightspot event, they always have a mini strapped with a huge duck somewhere ). The ice cream was okay, they had cookies as crackers to make it sweeter. They were a hell of a ripoff though but still worth every bite. 

I end the day with a nice bowl of Pho at Pho 24 with my aunt, uncle, and mum and dad, and my cousins and sisters...

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