Friday, November 15, 2013

Meet Binary, a programming ipad app


Being a computer science student, I am obligated to bring my laptop into class almost on every ocassion. My laptop is not just a computer, its a mandatory tool for me the future programmer. Me not bringing one is like a soldier without a gun, a farmer without its shovel, or kfc without its chicken. I do a lot of programming stuff on my macbook. Despite its heritage as a mac, I dual booted her so I can run the necessary programs like devC++ to keep up with the rest of my class. My friend Adam and Jordy who uses macs in class installed mac "coding" programs like xcode to avoid dual booting, while another friend of mine invested in a dell for class. 

Nevertheless, either if you're on a mac or PC, you have to bring your laptop to programming classes in Binus. You can use the lab pc's but the programs there are outdated and sometimes you have a bad time logging in. I dont mind bringing laptops, but bringing it everywhere I go can sometimes be a hassle. I carry a notebook, pens, and my macbook in my backpack. My macbook make up 60% of the weight in my backpack. And lets face it, commuting on and off campus on a daily basis while heavy load of bricks are hanging off your back is just impractical and sometimes uncomfortable. A lighter alternative would be to bring my mums ipad like some of my friends when there are no programming classes on schedule. But lets face it, the iPad isnt exactly cut out for programmer use. 

Then I stumbled upon binary. Binary is an iPad app specifically made for coding. Darshan, the creator of this app has the same predicament as I am. He doesent like bringing his laptop around and wanted to use his ipad but no good apps are available which is acording to his preferences. So he made binary. Binary is still in its public beta testing. I've just signed up for the beta and awaiting response. Hope it hits the app store real soon though...

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