Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How do I make money for spending?

Such an ambitious title for an ambitious blog post. The idea has been going around my mind for quite some time now, My dad has been telling me to start a small business of my own for me to gather experience on dealing stuff as well as getting extra $$$ for that dream car I wanted :). I wanted to start a retail business, particularly in the reselling division. Now what do i sell?

A few ideas came up; sell some vespa accessories, but that Idea became frail when I dont have any contacts to ship them stuff from overseas into Indonesia for cheaps. I then search for alternatives, I've always had an eye for good stuff like shoes or clothes. But I have to sell stuff that I like so I know what other people look for in those items. I tried to flip some sneakers back in my highschool days but I only managed to flip 1 pair out of the 3 I had bought and that was the most crappy one. I dont know what that kid was looking for when he bought my orange broken in nike dunk with a yellowed sole, I just dont get the complex minds of sneakerheads.

 Recently I developed a fondness towards wakai, a japan based shoe brand which makes "slipper"-like shoes. There was a boom in the market for toms in Jakarta, but they were too expensive and some people (including me) had problems buying a shoe with a pig skin lining due to religious reasons and allergies. Wakai came out with shoes that are just as stylish and they are even better because they are a helluvalot cheaper than toms, retailing for about Rp 360.000 or about 36 bucks for a pair which is pretty cheap for a cool pair of shoe. I really like them because they are light and have funky design and patterns on them. I like them soo much that I have acquired 3 pairs of them. I could start a reselling business selling wakais by following the technique some guy in chinatown used to flip supreme merchandise , guy makes 7 digits income a year just by flipping hats, shoes, and apparel to kids in new york.

Now I could just go and start small by buying small runs of wakais from the wakai stores but there are a couple of reasons stopping me to do that. Firstly I'm still hesitant on executing my master get rich problem. Second, I cant take the risk of spending money on them and wait while the season change and start selling off season collection and hope that the market will grow a liking to it. But all success businessman in the world start small and take risks, I'll have to put some thought on this before I go mad at the wakai stores...

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