Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Golf courses and a restaurant with a view

Ever heard of Rancamaya? I haven't, at least until my uncle calls my house at 5 in the morning asking my family to go check out some real estate up in Bogor. 

Rancamaya is primarily a golf course area, with some housing complexes around it. The place isn't fully 100% finished with some complexes still under construction. My uncle Bima thinks its a good investment to buy some estates up there with my dad, its either that or he needs a place to crash every time he plays golf up here. We went to the country club as soon as we got there, all the security guards were looking at us because instead of golf clubs we pull out a baby stroller with Cousin Zaki in it. We sat down while chatting about the rumors about golf caddy's while we take in the nice cool mountain air.

Now about golf caddy's, there's these rumors going around that golf caddy's in golf courses like this one are a pretty shady crowd. 'Shady' as in they like to hook up with their clients under a tree somewhere on the course. (This is not entirely true on all golf courses, but my uncle Bima says that some golf courses that he's been has caddy's that sweet talks their clients into doing the deed...)

Back to the elephant in the room, we didn't stay long because Karin was starting to see some "things", as in things that normal people like me cant see. That and we were getting hungry. I wanted to go to Safari zoo just because it was almost my birthday and we are so close to the place. My proposal was turned down by my mum because she thinks that the roads will be unkindly on the way back. We met up with Uncle Iwan who jumped in our car with us, with his escort tailing me in the back. I drove on the way to the restaurant...

dont look right
Bogor is big, its mostly a large mountain areas with winding roads cutting through it. As big as it is finding food is easy. Just look left to right. We didn't look around, instead we called in our intel in Bogor. We have cousins up here so we gave them a rang. They pointed us to a restaurant called Gurih 7. It was located just off the bogor toll gate. I asked them about the roads to the zoo, it was hell, so I cant go to the zoo. Gurih 7 is also the place where Rumah talas is. Rumah talas is a popular place to get cakes made from sweet potatoes. Famous according to My auntie at least.

The restaurant has a nice waterfall in it. The only problem was the view. Now its not pictured here but if you shift right about 60 degrees to the right from my sist and mum, you can see (I'm not lying) people hang drying their clothes on the rooftops of their home. I just didn't bother looking at them and just gaze to my left the whole time I was eating. The fishes in the koi pond were monsters. My dad says they were big because there was an outhouse nearby, He was right. Karin thinks that eating there was a ripoff because they charge 60.000 rupiah for a bass the size of her palm which is small according to normal river bass standards. It didn't matter in the beginning because we are all hungry...

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