Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Golf courses and a restaurant with a view

Ever heard of Rancamaya? I haven't, at least until my uncle calls my house at 5 in the morning asking my family to go check out some real estate up in Bogor. 

Rancamaya is primarily a golf course area, with some housing complexes around it. The place isn't fully 100% finished with some complexes still under construction. My uncle Bima thinks its a good investment to buy some estates up there with my dad, its either that or he needs a place to crash every time he plays golf up here. We went to the country club as soon as we got there, all the security guards were looking at us because instead of golf clubs we pull out a baby stroller with Cousin Zaki in it. We sat down while chatting about the rumors about golf caddy's while we take in the nice cool mountain air.

Now about golf caddy's, there's these rumors going around that golf caddy's in golf courses like this one are a pretty shady crowd. 'Shady' as in they like to hook up with their clients under a tree somewhere on the course. (This is not entirely true on all golf courses, but my uncle Bima says that some golf courses that he's been has caddy's that sweet talks their clients into doing the deed...)

Back to the elephant in the room, we didn't stay long because Karin was starting to see some "things", as in things that normal people like me cant see. That and we were getting hungry. I wanted to go to Safari zoo just because it was almost my birthday and we are so close to the place. My proposal was turned down by my mum because she thinks that the roads will be unkindly on the way back. We met up with Uncle Iwan who jumped in our car with us, with his escort tailing me in the back. I drove on the way to the restaurant...

dont look right
Bogor is big, its mostly a large mountain areas with winding roads cutting through it. As big as it is finding food is easy. Just look left to right. We didn't look around, instead we called in our intel in Bogor. We have cousins up here so we gave them a rang. They pointed us to a restaurant called Gurih 7. It was located just off the bogor toll gate. I asked them about the roads to the zoo, it was hell, so I cant go to the zoo. Gurih 7 is also the place where Rumah talas is. Rumah talas is a popular place to get cakes made from sweet potatoes. Famous according to My auntie at least.

The restaurant has a nice waterfall in it. The only problem was the view. Now its not pictured here but if you shift right about 60 degrees to the right from my sist and mum, you can see (I'm not lying) people hang drying their clothes on the rooftops of their home. I just didn't bother looking at them and just gaze to my left the whole time I was eating. The fishes in the koi pond were monsters. My dad says they were big because there was an outhouse nearby, He was right. Karin thinks that eating there was a ripoff because they charge 60.000 rupiah for a bass the size of her palm which is small according to normal river bass standards. It didn't matter in the beginning because we are all hungry...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Meet Binary, a programming ipad app


Being a computer science student, I am obligated to bring my laptop into class almost on every ocassion. My laptop is not just a computer, its a mandatory tool for me the future programmer. Me not bringing one is like a soldier without a gun, a farmer without its shovel, or kfc without its chicken. I do a lot of programming stuff on my macbook. Despite its heritage as a mac, I dual booted her so I can run the necessary programs like devC++ to keep up with the rest of my class. My friend Adam and Jordy who uses macs in class installed mac "coding" programs like xcode to avoid dual booting, while another friend of mine invested in a dell for class. 

Nevertheless, either if you're on a mac or PC, you have to bring your laptop to programming classes in Binus. You can use the lab pc's but the programs there are outdated and sometimes you have a bad time logging in. I dont mind bringing laptops, but bringing it everywhere I go can sometimes be a hassle. I carry a notebook, pens, and my macbook in my backpack. My macbook make up 60% of the weight in my backpack. And lets face it, commuting on and off campus on a daily basis while heavy load of bricks are hanging off your back is just impractical and sometimes uncomfortable. A lighter alternative would be to bring my mums ipad like some of my friends when there are no programming classes on schedule. But lets face it, the iPad isnt exactly cut out for programmer use. 

Then I stumbled upon binary. Binary is an iPad app specifically made for coding. Darshan, the creator of this app has the same predicament as I am. He doesent like bringing his laptop around and wanted to use his ipad but no good apps are available which is acording to his preferences. So he made binary. Binary is still in its public beta testing. I've just signed up for the beta and awaiting response. Hope it hits the app store real soon though...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The brightspot pt. 3(?)

The brightspot market, its back in town, again. It IS an annual thing but I forgot that a year passes so quickly. So when my sister and cousins are telling me that they want to go checkout lotte shopping avenue, I was shocked. The place is far from our house, and it is in a crowded area (kuningan). Nevertheless we still headed out there because it is a Sunday and we had nothing else to do, we also want to meet up with my aunt who just came back from mecca on her haji pilgrimage. 

I went to the brightspot on its last day. Like always, some of the booths are having a closing down sale usually 10-30% discounts, or some even throw in free stuff like free in ear headphones when you buy the big chunky ones. Because of that the place is a mess, people are crowding the expo place like rats attacking a cheese truck. Left to right are brands that are "indie" or as I like to call it hipster-esque. Most are selling clothes and shoes, some sell audio devices and gadgets like a dj controller and headphones, one booth even sells furniture and bedlinen. Imagine that, "hipster" bedlinen... The bedsheets are probably made out of some rare amazon cotton, and their pillows are stuffed with "organic" soft coffe beans.

A soon as I got there I caught up with Alia's friend from university, she was with another guy who apparently was her date. Ouch, I quickly grabbed my "sweet talk" tongue so I wont get hit by her date. Anyway, my sister went around with cousin Prasti while I hang around with Alia, my mom, and my dad. The place for the venue was okay, although I still prefer when they held it in pacific place or senayan. I walked around the place to look around and chat around with some denim heads across brightspot as we share thoughts on denim while some of them stare at my pair of evisu's that I'm wearing.

One of the booths has its tailors on site to provide "custom" 15 minute clothing.

I stopped by voyej's place and found that the place was overrun with people. They were happened to have a free leather treatment session so I signed me and my dad for a treatment. I got my wallet and belt treated with some oil while my dad got his kick-ass wallet done. Alia has a crush on Andika, the guy with the hat on the picture who was doing the treating. While I was there I picked up a leather money clip, my mum picked out a nice wallet and a couple of pairs of bracelets that she always wanted.

After walking around the whole place I got tired and met up with my sister and cousins. Alia wanted some ice cream sandwich by the mini ( if its a brightspot event, they always have a mini strapped with a huge duck somewhere ). The ice cream was okay, they had cookies as crackers to make it sweeter. They were a hell of a ripoff though but still worth every bite. 

I end the day with a nice bowl of Pho at Pho 24 with my aunt, uncle, and mum and dad, and my cousins and sisters...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How do I make money for spending?

Such an ambitious title for an ambitious blog post. The idea has been going around my mind for quite some time now, My dad has been telling me to start a small business of my own for me to gather experience on dealing stuff as well as getting extra $$$ for that dream car I wanted :). I wanted to start a retail business, particularly in the reselling division. Now what do i sell?

A few ideas came up; sell some vespa accessories, but that Idea became frail when I dont have any contacts to ship them stuff from overseas into Indonesia for cheaps. I then search for alternatives, I've always had an eye for good stuff like shoes or clothes. But I have to sell stuff that I like so I know what other people look for in those items. I tried to flip some sneakers back in my highschool days but I only managed to flip 1 pair out of the 3 I had bought and that was the most crappy one. I dont know what that kid was looking for when he bought my orange broken in nike dunk with a yellowed sole, I just dont get the complex minds of sneakerheads.

 Recently I developed a fondness towards wakai, a japan based shoe brand which makes "slipper"-like shoes. There was a boom in the market for toms in Jakarta, but they were too expensive and some people (including me) had problems buying a shoe with a pig skin lining due to religious reasons and allergies. Wakai came out with shoes that are just as stylish and they are even better because they are a helluvalot cheaper than toms, retailing for about Rp 360.000 or about 36 bucks for a pair which is pretty cheap for a cool pair of shoe. I really like them because they are light and have funky design and patterns on them. I like them soo much that I have acquired 3 pairs of them. I could start a reselling business selling wakais by following the technique some guy in chinatown used to flip supreme merchandise , guy makes 7 digits income a year just by flipping hats, shoes, and apparel to kids in new york.

Now I could just go and start small by buying small runs of wakais from the wakai stores but there are a couple of reasons stopping me to do that. Firstly I'm still hesitant on executing my master get rich problem. Second, I cant take the risk of spending money on them and wait while the season change and start selling off season collection and hope that the market will grow a liking to it. But all success businessman in the world start small and take risks, I'll have to put some thought on this before I go mad at the wakai stores...

Friday, November 1, 2013

My first ever Halloween Party...

Halloween is Not a much celebrated Holiday Here in Jakarta, Thus I have never experience any Halloween madness, not including some Halloween events back in La rose when I was still a youngling. 

Apparently The Halloween spirit is big here in Binus, and many of the students like to have fun during Halloween. They dress up in some fancy ( and some weird ) costume, some aren't trying to impress anyone with their costumes by wearing something easy like a bucket on their heads or using a t shirt for a ninja mask. They even have their own party here with music, barbecue and even some face painting. Me? I'm not really keen on halloween parties, I didnt even know they were having a party tonight, but then I saw some of my friends wearing fancy dresses and a scream mask...

I didnt wear a costume, I didnt buy a ticket for the events so I cant get the barbecue and face painting, but since I'm a Binus student I can get free access to the lobby where the Live music and the DJ is playing. The kid on the turntable is pretty good, he can run Traktor and even play songs correctly and right on the beat. I got stuck in Binus because The lord and my sister has'nt arrived to pick me up because they are stuck in traffic. Bad news is I have to wait, good news is there are some Girls wearing smoking hot costumes so They can still keep me occupied for now...