Tuesday, October 22, 2013

System thinking class week #5

Tuesdays are scheduled to be a late afternoon to evening class days for me. After the 3 hour break, there is a system thinking class at room 206. System thinking is by far THE most un-understandable subject for me. Every session we read a story book which contains points that are "important" for us to apply in a system thinking way. The books are written by the same author ( I think ), and feature a whymsical comic like fashion, with numerous weird moments like walrusses and penguins discussing clam distribution with powerpoint, to wolfs using power tools to cut through a fence.

Jakarta fashion week is still on so there is this huge stage in the middle of the road in Senayan city, the catwalk keeps pumping upbeat dancefloor music all day. The system thinking class windows faces the stage so all I hear when the proffesor talks were "dum dum dum... Dum.. Dum".

Class gets easier every session though, since I can get used to the routine of reading stories. Gets asked questions by the lecturer, the occaisional off beat talks about big corporations in the world, then a pop quiz to end the session. Of course with the exception of house music blasting from the outside...

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