Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Idul Adha 1434 H

Idul adha, not as festive as Idul Fitri but still as Important. A day where we commemorate the sacrifice The prophet Ibrahim a.s felt when he was told to kill his beloved son Ismail a.s before Allah sent a sheep in Ismail's place thus saving him from being sacrificed. Fortunately My dad didn't have to try and sacrifice me since it is customary to use local livestock for our Qurban.

Idul adha is celebrated around the world especially in Saudi Arabia where the annual Haji pilgrimage is being held. Right now those who are on pilgrimage are throwing rocks at the Jumrah site where Ibrahim threw rocks at the devil when he tried to stop Ibrahim sacrificing his son. Last year my parents were on pilgrimage in Mecca and Me and my sist had to celebrate Idul adha alone.

Anyway Idul adha is celebrated by a morning prayer to start the day and then we kill the livestock and give out the meat to the needy. My family was fortunate enough to afford a cow this year, we bought one in Lombok near Aunt melly's place, she sure knows how to find those pesky critters. Afterwards we visited our relatives just like Idul Fitri...

So, Happy Idul adha to all those who celebrate it!!

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