Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Surviving Freshmen year

thats me being bored in class
Freshmen year just started and the "I'm on holiday" persona of mine just went out the window. Its been awhile since I studied in what seems to be forever. All the schedules and new nonsense the lecturers are giving to me, not to mention morning classes since I stop being a morning person for summer vacation. But alas, this must be overcame if I want to fulfill my live dream of buying the ever so popular F&B monster company known as Ismaya.

Its only been 3 days and I feel like skipping some classes on the side. I do have like 8-10 absent rights. No, thats the lazy part of me talking, I have to attend class so I have a reason to not study at home. After all, Binus isn't really fond of giving us homework, besides the system thinking lecturer who kept making us read about sheeps and wolfs...

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