Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy camper (not really)

I was sitting in one of my fellow CS03's assigned tent talking about random junk that goes on in a guy's mind. I got bored of talking about my failed love live and ran to visit another CS03 tent filled with guys who were talking about Yugi-oh and the stats on each card while reminiscing about last nights "night walk" the student committee seniors made us do. I didn't stay long because I cant understand the in depth Yugi-oh talks and ran back to my first tent with a stolen pack of half eaten halal marsh mellows from Jason. I lay down inside, sharing my(read:Jason's) marsh mellows while admiring the clear sky and the cool morning mountain breeze blowing in from the wide-opened tent door.

That part was the part I really enjoyed throughout my camping trip to Lido, near Sukabumi. As you may know it is now the year where I start my freshmen year in Binus International. After 3 days of "welcoming" activities in the JWC campus in Senayan, the student committee took us freshmen out on a camping / outbound trip to Lido. My sister went on one when she started Her freshmen year so I guess this is an annual thing. I was assigned to group 22 and tent 5. The groups and the tents all consists of different persons so we get a chance to know each other. Phones were confiscated along with valuables like my wallet for safe keeping by the committee. 

Group 22 consists of many personalities ranging from IS, art and design, fashion, International business, and computer science students. There was another CS kid with me in group 22, not a CS03 guy but He seems like an okay guy. Dennis was appointed group leader, a spirited IS major. There is also Fadli and Riff from IB. There are a lot of girls to in my group, sadly I don't quite catch their names, remember their pretty faces though :). The seniors in charge of our group were Arias and Hena. Arias and I are like best buds, even if he tries to deny it, He actually likes me deep down... way deep down there in his heart. Group 22 decided to call ourselfs "gosong" or charred, because its so damn hot in the afternoons so our skin was burnt.

The first day of the trip was normal outbound activities. Team building games to make us work together, and take risks, like the labyrinth which I got soaked with a bucket of water when my teammates hit a wire in the labyrinth. There were also high flying games like Skywalk where we climb a bamboo stick and jump from 20 ft in the air, and the ever popular zip line. Late in the evening was the raft race where we battle other groups in an all out race to the death around the Lido lake.

It was raining after dinner when we discussed about tomorrows group performance where we do some acts in front of everyone. Suddenly The student committee president gives a P.A telling everyone to go in their tents to go to bed. Everybody knows that there is gonna be another activity of the schedule tonight...9 o clock, I hit the sack, my tent was filled with Ivan and 2 other accounting students, Geraldi from computer science, and Josa from fashion design. I try to catch some sleep while waiting to be waken up later tonight.

At about 10 o clock firecrackers went off behind my tent, the ambulance sirens were ringing and the seniors got us up and told us to hit the deck on the grass. The grass was cool, so I didn't mind. It didn't take long before I was randomly chosen from the freshmen who were on the ground to line up for the night walk. They took our coats and flashlights if we brought any, I didn't, and paired us boy and girl. I got paired with my junior high friend Dinda, so I guess I have someone to hold on to when I'm scared. 

Me and Dinda walked to each checkpoints in the dark of the night to finish our rounds, waiting to get scared by someone or something who hides in the bushes along our track. We both know have been through this sort of thing in the past but I never liked the dark, I got to say that I was scared. First post in, some dude was sitting under a light pole heads down with a black hoodie. At the check-point someone asks us how many were us in a group, I said 2, they say there were 3 of us, referring to the shady character under the light pole. I shook it off and went to the next checkpoint with Dinda, head constantly looking behind me in search of that guy catching up and scaring me from the back. When we reach the 2nd post, they told us to go down from the track to a beaten path down the hill into the wild bushes. It all went crazy since then with the fake ghouls scaring me left and right. I asked Dinda to walk in front of me first so they scare her first, unfortunately they always go on cue when I walk past them.

After we finish, we waited for our first batch of pairs to arrive back at the starting line. Some of the other kids were still waiting for their turns. It was about 1 in the morning when I was told that I could go back to my tent and sleep it off, or do anything basically, as long as I was in my tent. I fell asleep when Geraldi finished his round and came in the tent with me. 

The next morning was really laid back, both the committee and the freshmen were beat and need some r&r. Aside from the weird morning gymnast routine we were doing at 6.30, there was nothing in the agenda until 9. I chilled with some of my friends in our tents recalling last nights walk. Some bloke from CS03 got paired up with a guy, Kevin-A was put in a group of 2 girls and himself, while Jason says that he saw some old man working the fields at 3 in the morning which wasn't part of the ghouls the committee sets up last night. I met up with my "gosong" teammates later to discuss our group performance. The team decided to do some short yel-yel's because all the other team were doing it. I wanted to do a parody of the night walk but they all turn it down, apart from Dennis who was on the same boat as me.

The other teams yel-yel's were pretty cool. The beatbox girl did a beatbox/medan song routine, some kid did an amazing impression of Radit the student committee president, and my group sang.... yeah at least it was fun...

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