Friday, September 27, 2013

Eating around Senayan city

Friday is usually my free-est day. School days are usually cut short, subjects are fun, and the atmosphere was filled with a weekend vibe. Unfortunately college changed that, Fridays are now the most bussy day of the week. Mornings are started off with a programming principle class, then a 4 hour discrete math class, and another 2 hours of IT class that ends at around 7.30 p.m. Not your usual TGIF eh?

To fuel up my body I need to regularly eat so I can focus and think in class. Today I've just spent 150.000 rupiah on food. Thats a bit over budget because I ate at Pepperlunch for lunch. The steak was damn good though, so I guess that's 100.000 rupiah well spent. For dinner, I had some GM noodles for dinner. My fellow classmate Hendry came with me for lunch today, he spent about 100.000 just eating around campus and Senayan City. 

Eating in the malls are a bit pricey, I guess I should try some of the food stalls around moestopo for once. For now I'll just follow on with class in the computer lab...

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