Sunday, September 29, 2013

BBM (Bakso Bakwan Malang)

Back when I still visit my grandpa and my grandma in Cibubur for Idul fitri, I always eat bakwan in his house rather than the festive menu which consists of opor, gulai, gudeg, or some other traditional nonsense we Indonesians eat. I sometimes help out preparing food in grandpa's by turning on the stove and heat up the bakwans. I've never we t to Cibubur again since He passed away... That and I hate the traffic in Cibubur, those people cant drive over there. 

Anyways today I went to my uncle's for a party in Cibubur. Mom wanted to eat some of the bakwan we usually eat with my late grandpa. After a brief phonecall with my grandma, We found the place and stopped by for a "bakwan break". The bakwan joint is a cheeky one. They call themselfs BBM for short which is also an anecdote for fuel here in Indonesia. The menu is also a refrence to the types of fuel I found in the gas stations. Theres the premium Bakwan, the super, and the mega Bakwan Xtramax which I had.  As far as tastes concerned, theres nothing more to discuss. This thing is the bomb, but like all street food which involves meatballs, theres that strong taste of MSG and fake spices. But thats a thing we have to face when eating street food, just keep a bottle of water near you for the next 5-10 minutes in case you're super thirsty.
Bakso Bakwan Malang
JL Alternatif Cibubur-Cileungsi KM 5

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