Saturday, August 3, 2013

Surprise visit

  I really like my days off from school, and usually I spend my summer break sitting in my room with the windows closed and my video games blasting through my tv. I was just in the middle of it too when my mum suddenly rushed in the room and says "get dressed, you're coming with me to Thamrin City!". 
 Yes, it was almost Idul fitri and my mum usually gives gifts to the staff at home and to the guys in my grandmas place. And what better place to buy clothes in bulk than Thamrin city, we usually go to Tanah Abang but we dont like to bother with the parking and the pick pockets. Of course they always have their share of pick pockets everywhere in Jakarta but my mum likes Thamrin A lot. Frankly speaking I hate this place. Its crowded and not my kind of crowd. Everybody is shopping for stuff because of the Idul fitri occasion and just for the cheap stuff. 
 Dont get me wrong, I like cheap stuff. But I like quality cheap stuff. Some of the stores here house my threads back home even, but mostly just the moslem wear. We walked around the moslem wear section a couple of times and found this nifty place which sells some nice all-white outfit with lacey details. My mum bought some clothes here but we still needed more. So we went beside this shop to find another bulk shop which sells Koko's and sarongs.

 This shop is bonkers. They sell them clothes by the truck load, they didnt even bother to seperate the clothes and hang them on the muppets. They just leave them out in the open for us to take a look and buy. I swear the sales guy looks like he's on drugs or something, the guy is so damn happy. He keeps hitting on my mom and other women buying clothes on this shop. The boss is busy doing inventory in the back, so we settle for know-how over here. 
 You need to have a keen eye because apparently the clothes here have diffrent sizes. They have 3 types of size "M" and 2 size "L". My mum and I searched the piles for the sizes that we think is right, we bought a size XL for a skinny kid back home because the XL looks like a size "M".
 To make things worse, theres a lady behind me who just started bitch-slapping some boxes. I'm not lying, she just started ripping the freshly shipped boxes that the courier sends in by the duct tape to get to the good stuff inside. Its just clothes woman, you dont need to make it look like an episode of the walking dead where the zombie mauls some guys face right off.

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