Sunday, August 18, 2013

Snorkel to the max

Sunday August 10th

After my day was cut short from exhaustion and a half day allowance yesterday, I was determined to spend today as much as I can in the water. Firstly I need to soak in the sea water to ease my rash. Secondly, its summer and I like to spend summer in a beach-themed vacation. I woke everyone up early today. When the clock hit 6 in the morning I got up, put on my gear and asked my mum, uncle, and anyone else to come snorkel with me. It was a wonderful morning with everyone mostly still hungover in their beds so we had the whole ocean to ourselfs for the morning.

This was the first time my mum snorkels so she needs to get used to breathe on her mouth. Luckily she is a faster learner than Karin. She manages to float with me for 5 minutes, before she got scared of the creatures of the deep, the sea urchins to name a view. I think she's scared of deep water too, no not 3 meters pool deep, I meant 10 meters of unknown waters deep. After that I'm mostly on my own or with my cousin Alia. The ocean was awesome since theres nobody standing on coral reefs or flapping panickly on the sand blurring my view of vision. there were many fishes and anemones too.
I brought out my iphone with the badass survivor+catalyst case. My dad warned me that if anything goes wrong, he's not buying me a new phone. I took my chances anyway, hey I trust those guys in the griffin cases development offices. Ive seen those guys at work, they were slamming a survivor case to a dry wall painted with a bullseye. There was this one guy who kept dipping the case in his coffee, if thats not quality testing I dont know what that is. Anyway they colabbed with catalyst and came up with my little beast. They say its fully waterproof to up to 3 meters. They were not lying though, since my iphone survived my snorkeling session.

It wasnt long before the rest of my family wakes up, more of us hit the water and just swim there. After having a breakfast break, we went back in! After about half hour break though. Karin was doing quite better today, her personal best was 1 minute without any issues with the mask or snorkel clogged up with water. We all got bored after a while. My uncle, and aunt were tired so they got out of the water first. My cousin Anggi had a dive appointment so we cant tag along bcoz we don't have dive licenses. My dad hasn't been in the water since yesterday afternoon, and my mum was floating around 2 meters from the beach coast.

After reaching a decision, Karin, cousins Alia and Prasti and I rented out some kayaks. We paddle around the pier for a little while. Karin and Prasti was busy deciding to paddle left or right. Me and Alia paddled out to the deep open waters. We stopped after we both saw something in the water. I swear it looked like a giant squid from in the movies! Alia just thinks it maybe an underwater wreck. But the damn thing was moving so it was definitely a sea creature. Now I know why my mum is scared of open waters. We took a break eating kiwi's that my dad brought from Jakarta. I floated around for awhile but then I got this great idea to kidnap my mum on the kayaks. The kayaks was a 2 person kayak but I figured that 1 more passenger wouldn't hurt. I first told my mum that we were just paddling near the beaches of the island. Then we were on our way back, me and Alia just paddled out into the open water instead of the beach. I swear mum was freaking out like crazy, I assured her everything was okay. I didnt tell her about the mysterious thing in the water earlier before because Im scared she will have a heart attack. Cousin Anggi was finish with her dive and tagged along on Karin and Prasti's kayak. 

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