Tuesday, August 20, 2013

San fransisco martabaks

Tuesdays are usually dentist apointment evenings where I have to go to the dentist with the lord in Bintaro. The dentist only did some minor readjustments with my braces so we had extra time to spend. My parents wanted me to buy them some Martabak from the well known Martabak establishment called "Martabak San fransisco" in Bintaro. They arent really from San fransisco but they claim they have the unique style of crispy skins and crust usually had on san fransisco pizza pies. I think thats a load of bull, That is a catchy name though.

Martabak San fransisco has a variety of flavors to choose from besides the standard egg and cheese martabaks. But they specialize in beef and chicken black pepper martabaks, tuna, corned beef, and even Vegetarian martabaks. If you have more of a sweet tooth they also have blueberry, cheese and nuts, vanilla oreo martabaks, or the exotic tiramisu and strawberry oreo martabaks. I'm a simple guy so I just ordered some cheese, a blueberry cheese-nuts martabak, and the must try black pepper martabak. I didnt bother with the oreo martabaks cause i dont know if my tongue can comprehend the complex flavor.

Taste wise, I dont know how they taste because Im still in the car and on my way home before I can eat this sucker. Smells good though, so thats a good sign. They have branches in bsd, kelapa gading, cibubur, and bintaro. If you want to stop by in Bintaro, its in sector 3a.

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