Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rotiboy and Roti-o, battle of the buns

Yesterday I had to go to the airport to pick up my sist from Singapore. She had some problems checking in and came in late. Luckily she was able to transfer to a later flight in the evening. She was scheduled to land at around 8 p.m. 8 turned to 9. Guess she was gonna land late too.

Waiting at the arrival waiting halls, my parents and I sat beside a sweet bun stall called "roti-o". It sounded like a rip off from "rotiboy" which also had stalls around terminal 1, 2, and 3 of soekarno hatta airport. I was hungry so I stopped by rotiboy to buy some buns bcoz I know they're alright. Came back to my seat beside roti-o and my mum ushered me to buy some from roti-o to taste the diffrences. 

Price wise, they both costs the same at 8500 rupiahs. Quality wise, I'd prefer rotiboy. Why? Because when I bought the buns they were still bot. The buns in Rotio were cold like a dead body dumped in the swamps by the high way en-route to the airport. The dough on the rotiboy bun (left) was smooth and and stayed together. The roti-o bun I got had a crumby side on one of the edges and chipped off, it was easily broken too.

On the other hand, the I liked the roti-o taste better than the rotiboy. Both buns bas the same ingredients written outside of the bag. The rotiboy had more of a coffee taste. I'm not a big fan of coffee. The roti-o has a more sweet buttery taste. The roti-o has more butter in it too, hence the fragile dough. 

With that said, I dont know who is the clear winner here because its all about preferences. But with the the quality and services in acounting, I'd buy another rotiboy...

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