Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cheesecake baking

After seeing a Jamie oliver video about new york cheesecakes, I wanted to make my own.

Heres the breakdown of how I baked it

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rotiboy and Roti-o, battle of the buns

Yesterday I had to go to the airport to pick up my sist from Singapore. She had some problems checking in and came in late. Luckily she was able to transfer to a later flight in the evening. She was scheduled to land at around 8 p.m. 8 turned to 9. Guess she was gonna land late too.

Waiting at the arrival waiting halls, my parents and I sat beside a sweet bun stall called "roti-o". It sounded like a rip off from "rotiboy" which also had stalls around terminal 1, 2, and 3 of soekarno hatta airport. I was hungry so I stopped by rotiboy to buy some buns bcoz I know they're alright. Came back to my seat beside roti-o and my mum ushered me to buy some from roti-o to taste the diffrences. 

Price wise, they both costs the same at 8500 rupiahs. Quality wise, I'd prefer rotiboy. Why? Because when I bought the buns they were still bot. The buns in Rotio were cold like a dead body dumped in the swamps by the high way en-route to the airport. The dough on the rotiboy bun (left) was smooth and and stayed together. The roti-o bun I got had a crumby side on one of the edges and chipped off, it was easily broken too.

On the other hand, the I liked the roti-o taste better than the rotiboy. Both buns bas the same ingredients written outside of the bag. The rotiboy had more of a coffee taste. I'm not a big fan of coffee. The roti-o has a more sweet buttery taste. The roti-o has more butter in it too, hence the fragile dough. 

With that said, I dont know who is the clear winner here because its all about preferences. But with the the quality and services in acounting, I'd buy another rotiboy...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

San fransisco martabaks

Tuesdays are usually dentist apointment evenings where I have to go to the dentist with the lord in Bintaro. The dentist only did some minor readjustments with my braces so we had extra time to spend. My parents wanted me to buy them some Martabak from the well known Martabak establishment called "Martabak San fransisco" in Bintaro. They arent really from San fransisco but they claim they have the unique style of crispy skins and crust usually had on san fransisco pizza pies. I think thats a load of bull, That is a catchy name though.

Martabak San fransisco has a variety of flavors to choose from besides the standard egg and cheese martabaks. But they specialize in beef and chicken black pepper martabaks, tuna, corned beef, and even Vegetarian martabaks. If you have more of a sweet tooth they also have blueberry, cheese and nuts, vanilla oreo martabaks, or the exotic tiramisu and strawberry oreo martabaks. I'm a simple guy so I just ordered some cheese, a blueberry cheese-nuts martabak, and the must try black pepper martabak. I didnt bother with the oreo martabaks cause i dont know if my tongue can comprehend the complex flavor.

Taste wise, I dont know how they taste because Im still in the car and on my way home before I can eat this sucker. Smells good though, so thats a good sign. They have branches in bsd, kelapa gading, cibubur, and bintaro. If you want to stop by in Bintaro, its in sector 3a.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Snorkel to the max

Sunday August 10th

After my day was cut short from exhaustion and a half day allowance yesterday, I was determined to spend today as much as I can in the water. Firstly I need to soak in the sea water to ease my rash. Secondly, its summer and I like to spend summer in a beach-themed vacation. I woke everyone up early today. When the clock hit 6 in the morning I got up, put on my gear and asked my mum, uncle, and anyone else to come snorkel with me. It was a wonderful morning with everyone mostly still hungover in their beds so we had the whole ocean to ourselfs for the morning.

This was the first time my mum snorkels so she needs to get used to breathe on her mouth. Luckily she is a faster learner than Karin. She manages to float with me for 5 minutes, before she got scared of the creatures of the deep, the sea urchins to name a view. I think she's scared of deep water too, no not 3 meters pool deep, I meant 10 meters of unknown waters deep. After that I'm mostly on my own or with my cousin Alia. The ocean was awesome since theres nobody standing on coral reefs or flapping panickly on the sand blurring my view of vision. there were many fishes and anemones too.
I brought out my iphone with the badass survivor+catalyst case. My dad warned me that if anything goes wrong, he's not buying me a new phone. I took my chances anyway, hey I trust those guys in the griffin cases development offices. Ive seen those guys at work, they were slamming a survivor case to a dry wall painted with a bullseye. There was this one guy who kept dipping the case in his coffee, if thats not quality testing I dont know what that is. Anyway they colabbed with catalyst and came up with my little beast. They say its fully waterproof to up to 3 meters. They were not lying though, since my iphone survived my snorkeling session.

It wasnt long before the rest of my family wakes up, more of us hit the water and just swim there. After having a breakfast break, we went back in! After about half hour break though. Karin was doing quite better today, her personal best was 1 minute without any issues with the mask or snorkel clogged up with water. We all got bored after a while. My uncle, and aunt were tired so they got out of the water first. My cousin Anggi had a dive appointment so we cant tag along bcoz we don't have dive licenses. My dad hasn't been in the water since yesterday afternoon, and my mum was floating around 2 meters from the beach coast.

After reaching a decision, Karin, cousins Alia and Prasti and I rented out some kayaks. We paddle around the pier for a little while. Karin and Prasti was busy deciding to paddle left or right. Me and Alia paddled out to the deep open waters. We stopped after we both saw something in the water. I swear it looked like a giant squid from in the movies! Alia just thinks it maybe an underwater wreck. But the damn thing was moving so it was definitely a sea creature. Now I know why my mum is scared of open waters. We took a break eating kiwi's that my dad brought from Jakarta. I floated around for awhile but then I got this great idea to kidnap my mum on the kayaks. The kayaks was a 2 person kayak but I figured that 1 more passenger wouldn't hurt. I first told my mum that we were just paddling near the beaches of the island. Then we were on our way back, me and Alia just paddled out into the open water instead of the beach. I swear mum was freaking out like crazy, I assured her everything was okay. I didnt tell her about the mysterious thing in the water earlier before because Im scared she will have a heart attack. Cousin Anggi was finish with her dive and tagged along on Karin and Prasti's kayak. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mini summer vacay

Saturday, August 9th

After a 1 half hour boat ride from Marina, I arrived at Putri Island with my parents, sister, uncle and aunt, and some of my cousins. They all slept during the boat ride but I could not. I still cant imagine anyone falling asleep during their travels. Same goes for me on planes, I cant sleep because of the constant pressure changes, let alone the sound of the engine screaming in your eardrums. Once we reached port on the island, the family decided to take a nap AGAIN since we missed the glass bottom boat attraction on the island. Who would want to see fishes through clogged out viewing windows anyway. Besides, I'd rather go swim in the ocean with my snorkel and see them up close. The rest of the family had different plans and would not want to go swim with me.

snorkelling spot is on the end of that pier
I Jumped in the water and just skim there for awhile, soaking in the ocean water while the rest of the family watched me on the shores of the beach. I manage to get my cousins and dad wet in the water. My cousins and Aunt left wanting to get "proper swimming clothes". Me and my dad had board shorts on so we took of our tops and dip in. Dad wasnt much of a maverick and just floated in one spot under the shade of the trees, props for getting in the water with me though. We met up with my cousins on the snorkeling spot on the island. I dived in fin-less. My cousin warned me about the dangers known as the sea urchin, stingray, and the cloaked stone fish. After a brief lunch break I went out and rented out some fins from the dive shop for me and a 2nd pair for anyone who wanted it, in that afternoons case was was my sist.

My aunt and uncle sit the afternoon off so only Me, my sist, and my cousins went back in the water. Now here is the thing, I know my sist couldnt use a snorkel because she isnt used to breathe through her mouth when she is swimming. I made sure she can breathe by making her put on the gear while we were on dry land. She insisted that she can use a snorkel so we went to the pier and dropped in... all of us besides my sister. She was scared of the sea urchins. We assured her that there were no sea urchins in the vicinity of the pier (there were a whole mess of them UNDER the pier). She finally dropped in the water after about 5 minutes of constant debate about the urchins. Now theres another problem, she cant use a snorkel. The snorkelling session turned into a "teaching Karin how to snorkel" session.

We went on a sunset cruise at about 5 pm. The cruise was just a boat ride around the isle of the thousand islands with a grand finale of watching the sun literally "set" on the ocean. The boat was packed on the upper deck seats. Everyone wants to be up top to see the sun. They ran out of seats but due to high demand, they let people sit or stand on the sides of the boat like I did. I like it this way, I felt like I was a real legit "seaman". I dont need seats anyway, because my family wanted me to take pictures of them so it was a win win. The sunset view was ok I guess. I never had a chance to see how a sun really sets, everybody got their timers on. What are they? some kind of scientist or something? Maybe they just wanted to know how long does it take for the sun to set on the horizon.

The first day on the Island was a bit of a fuzz because I had to put get our checked baggage in our rooms, not to mention the exhaustion of travel setting in, so I didnt have much time to go do stuff I really want to do. Hope I can go Snorkeling for real tomorrow...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Surprise visit

  I really like my days off from school, and usually I spend my summer break sitting in my room with the windows closed and my video games blasting through my tv. I was just in the middle of it too when my mum suddenly rushed in the room and says "get dressed, you're coming with me to Thamrin City!". 
 Yes, it was almost Idul fitri and my mum usually gives gifts to the staff at home and to the guys in my grandmas place. And what better place to buy clothes in bulk than Thamrin city, we usually go to Tanah Abang but we dont like to bother with the parking and the pick pockets. Of course they always have their share of pick pockets everywhere in Jakarta but my mum likes Thamrin A lot. Frankly speaking I hate this place. Its crowded and not my kind of crowd. Everybody is shopping for stuff because of the Idul fitri occasion and just for the cheap stuff. 
 Dont get me wrong, I like cheap stuff. But I like quality cheap stuff. Some of the stores here house my threads back home even, but mostly just the moslem wear. We walked around the moslem wear section a couple of times and found this nifty place which sells some nice all-white outfit with lacey details. My mum bought some clothes here but we still needed more. So we went beside this shop to find another bulk shop which sells Koko's and sarongs.

 This shop is bonkers. They sell them clothes by the truck load, they didnt even bother to seperate the clothes and hang them on the muppets. They just leave them out in the open for us to take a look and buy. I swear the sales guy looks like he's on drugs or something, the guy is so damn happy. He keeps hitting on my mom and other women buying clothes on this shop. The boss is busy doing inventory in the back, so we settle for know-how over here. 
 You need to have a keen eye because apparently the clothes here have diffrent sizes. They have 3 types of size "M" and 2 size "L". My mum and I searched the piles for the sizes that we think is right, we bought a size XL for a skinny kid back home because the XL looks like a size "M".
 To make things worse, theres a lady behind me who just started bitch-slapping some boxes. I'm not lying, she just started ripping the freshly shipped boxes that the courier sends in by the duct tape to get to the good stuff inside. Its just clothes woman, you dont need to make it look like an episode of the walking dead where the zombie mauls some guys face right off.