Friday, July 19, 2013

Woodlands fiasco

July 17th 2013

Tonight I will be eating out with my Sist and her friends for breakfast in singapore. After she finishes her class, The Sister took me to woodlands with her friend Hasya following the advice of her guy-friend Ato. I dont mind taking the met on the red line, but the train slows down when its surfacing from its usual underground city routes to the "aerial" route on the edges of town. When I mean slow, I meant sloth rape slow. The train decelerates every 3 seconds to cope with the speed limit on singaporean highways. Fortunately I made it through the train ride and arrived in woodlands mrt station.

Since it was Ramadhan, there is a night market food festival outside the station filled with all sorts of halal food. That breaks good news for us, but after seeing the long lines to the kebab and takoyaki stall we gracefully hoped for the worst; not finding any food. Guess Singaporeans really loves their Kebabs. Luckily there is an Indian joint not far from the crowded kebab stand so we managed to buy some chapati and Cane cakes on takeaway. After walking around a couple of times, Ato called and told us to go find seats in the food court in the nearby mall. Personally I'm a fan of eating in street festivals like this, but since there are no tables and the proper standing positions are near a wet dumpster, I followed my Sis and her friend to take the escalator up to the food court.

Theres 2 food courts in the mall, there is the ever popular food republic. And a new one, at least for me which is called "bagus". Unlike food republic, bagus is an all halal food court making it a "malay-an" favourite. As soon as we arrived there, we found out that all the tables are occupied. Maybe coming early to tag some tables was a good idea. But since Ato sounds so assuring that we WILL get tables, we came in late and that was a horrible mistake. The guy hasn't even arrived yet, maybe he was hoping for us to find a table first so he doesent need to fuss about anything. We finally did found a table after 20 minutes of standing around. Karin ordered korean for me and herself while Hasya ate some kwetiau. My sister was really pumped up to eat that plate of bulgogi, but after the glorious Ato arrived at the table, she became more docile even loosing appetite. Maybe she was holding back so she doesent look THAT hungry. Ato should join us for dinner back home to see how she really eats. 

Anyway, after we finished our breakfast, Ato took us all on a tour of his beloved campus; republic polytechnic. The place looked promisingly interesting from the afar, students still gathered near the place. Maybe they were studying? Ato looks like a person who likes to study, maybe the whole campus feels like it too. We went inside and he showed us his crown jewel, his creme de la creme; The library. The library is where he usually spends his time after school, he stays there to study until the late of the night. Hmmph... stiffer. The halls are filled with students... surprisingly, dancing with their own respective dance clubs. Who would have thought that the rest of the students here are not total geezers, they turned out to be quite cool, especially the lovely girls of the belly dancing club ( shout out to my girl Jasmine! ).

Out back, theres this huge sports complex complete with a gym, a karate room, a soccer field, 4 basketball courts, 2 tennis courts, an olympic size swimming pool, and get this; an outbound obstacle course for the "happy campers" club of RP. With all this stuff lying around, I cant get it how Ato didnt get buff at the gym or playing futsal, he rather study at the library while attending the "future A+ of Asia" conference which usually consists of Ato, himself, and his other self ( wow thats a word ). We got tired of walking so we ditched the campus and went back to the mrt station in woodlands to take the train home. RP was amazing, the place is big, clean, looked like seattle. I should have applied there when I had the chance. What a tiring and yet eye opening night...

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