Monday, July 8, 2013

The heights of Victoria Peak.

When I said I was going to Hong Kong, of course Im not going to spend the whole week hanging out in Kowloon Tsim sha tsui. I also have a plan to do some "see and do" activities like sight seeing and exploration of the cities hot spots. There are a lot of options given for me when i visit the Hongkong tourism website about sights to see, but due to popular demand and recommendations by my mum, friends, and relatives, I went to Victoria Peak as my first "see and do" activity. Getting to victoria peak from Tsim sha tsui is easy. I took the mtr from Tsim sha tsui and stopped in Central. After taking the J2 exit from central station, I followed the helpful signs pointing to the peak tram terminal from the park and walked up the road. The roads in Hongkong are more tranquil and surprisingly cleaner than in Kowloon, almost like if Im walking in Singapore, except the roads are bigger and its windier.

 In order for me to get up to victoria peak, I can either walk my way up the trekking tracks, or I can buy a return tram ticket to get up the mountain. The first choice sounds nice, because I can take the scenic route up and take pictures of the tracks, but common sense dictates that I must save my energy thus forcing me to buy a tram ticket for me and my family. As soon as I hop in the tram, I am thrown back in a nostalgic trance. The tram feels "authentic", just like the ones the British colonists used to escape Hong Kong and hide in victoria peak from the mainlanders when conflicts erupt back in 1870. I read on a guide that the right side of the tram is the seat to sit in because I can get the best views on the tram, besides the left side which gets the view of a solid brick wall and mountain face.

On the bottom of the sky viewing platform up in the peak, there is a shopping center filled with novelty stores, as well as big brand stores for people to shop in. We stopped by this shop where they sell souvenirs, just in time too because we need to fill our quota for gifts to friends and relatives back home. There is also the Madaam Tusso wax museum which houses wax sculptures of famous people all over the world, I didnt went in because I freak out easily.

The view up in the peak is amazing. I can see the whole city both Hong kong and Kowloon, as well as the surrounding mountain areas of Ap Le Ciau. I cant believe that some Hong Kong residents own a house up here, and to top it off they have some really cool rides. One house had a GTR and a 911 parked in their garage. Victoria peak is on everyones list when they visit Hong kong (besides disneyland of course) and I can see why. I get the best view in the house, get to see some cool cars and hang with other foreign people up here in the viewing platform. Of course I didnt stay long because it was 1 o clock when I visited and the sun was scourging hot. Not to mention the strong winds hitting the platform making my dads umbrella funny looking.

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