Monday, July 8, 2013

Pong... Tsim sha tsui....

As soon as I stepped out of the hotel, Tsim sha tsui hit me with its full charms. No its not the bright neon lights, and its definitely not the random strangers on the street trying to sell me fake watches and ladies handbags. Tsim sha tsui is and has always been the favorite tourist shopping spot in Hong kong. Located in the Kowloon island, Tsim sha tsui is home to hundreds of shops (both legitimate and illegitimate) and malls to acomodate the needs of anyone who is ready to fork out some cash in Hong kong. But besides its shopping scene, Tsim sha tsui has some cool places to go sight seing in.

The first spot I hit on my first day in Hong kong is the avenue of the stars just at the south end of tsim sha tsui in Salisbury road. Avenue of the stars is a Hongkong interpretation of the hollywood walk of fame, except its filled with chineese golden screen actors and directors like Jackie chan, Andy Lau, and Joan chen to name a few. Avenue of the stars also has some quirky photo spots. I didnt spend too much time here because of the sun, I recommend going later in the evening so you can catch a sunset view of the city.

At Friday, I prayed in the kowloon mosque in Tsim sha tsui. The mosque is located at the park near nathan road. After hearing an impromptu "inner circle" preach which in fact isnt the Friday prayer preach, and in Indian... Me and my dad got some brochure about halal restaurants in tsim sha tsui. Most of the halal establishments are situated near the mosque, if ur looking for some halal food I recommend the "Al maidah" restaurant. The 2 cousins who own the place are nice and the food is very delicious and fresh.

If you keep going up Nathan road, you can find Mong kok. Mong kok is a well mnow. Place to buy sporting goods and electronics, but be warned and watch out for fakes and connes. There is also a place called the Ladies market in Mong kok. Its a whole street full of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories for women of any age. They also sell watches and jewlery but I doubt their authenthicity. 

Back in the day my parents always stays in Tsim sha tsui, thats why they brought me and my sister to stay here on our trip to Hong kong. I guess even though there are lots shady ripoff spots, Tsim sha tsui has that mystically wonderful feeling. Its a good place to explore and just get lost. And its also a good place to shop, just make sure your Rolex isn't mispelled as "Roleks" in the back. If I was asked to come back here to Tsim sha tsui, I'd say yes.

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