Monday, July 22, 2013

Old town to waterfront


Singapores not all shopping malls and tall buildings. There also some parts of singapore that still has that old-town feeling. One of those places is Arab street. I dont usually "adventure travel" but Karin was busy for the whole day. I grabbed my pink skateboard went off to explore around town. The first objective of the day was to attend friday prayer at a mosque near Karins campus.

After arriving "on time", I prayed. The prayer was ok, but unlike the mosque in paragon they use malay-an for the preach as the usual english. The place was save too as I didnt loose any of my stuff that I left outside with my shoes.

To get to Arab street, I have to take the mrt to bug is. I met some guys from the SGPD. I dont know why, but the cops and army dudes I see in public are usually younger guys, about my age. Guess if they expect them to chase down bad guys in the streets, they want some guys who can still stand straight and survive their own tackles. After I exit the mrt, I skated my way to Arab street and found the mosque. Every time I explore, I always have a general rule to look for landmarks in case I get lost and have to backtrack.

I came across this food festival/ market at the back of the mosque. They were selling halal food in broad daylight. That made me feel hungry. Wish I was here at night so I can have some kebabs or some sheep bollocks on a stick. The shops at Arab street are mostly in the clothing business. I can see tailors, sarongs, muslim clothing's, and get this; Indonesian Batik stores. It reminded me of Thamrin city back home, just a bit more expensive probably. I should have told that Australian lady to stop by Jakarta to buy that maxi dress so she can get 12 for the price of 1 here in Arab street.

I got tired afterwards and rested while taking a look at my iPhone. Karin hasnt texted and it was still 3. I had to do something to keep me occupied. I got my skateboard, and I always wanted to skate waterfronts. Thus I made my way to clarke quay. For whatever reason, I exited the mrt in raffles and ended up in the office complexes of singapore. every time I wanted to go to clarke quay this always happens. Why not just take the mrt to clarke quay station? I checked apple maps and clarke quay wasnt that far from where I was so I skated there rather than take the tube again. Raffles is the premiere office area of SG. I saw a lot of foreign people in the cafe's just chill in, and they definitely not here on vacay. Getting lost was half the fun I always say, but its ramadhan and its freaking hot. I cant drink and was getting very tired. The thought of Clarke quay kept me going. I eventually made it to clarke quay. The pavement there was nice and smooth, just like I'd imagine them. I only stayed there for half an hour though...

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