Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ngong Ping Mountain Adventure

On the final free day of my trip to Hong Kong, the family and I was looking for last big place to visit. I opted for the family to go to Disneyland, since we dont have that in Jakarta and I've never been there before. They refused to go there and tells me to ride there on my own, but what fun would that be if Im all alone without anyone with me riding roller coasters and thrill rides all day. My mum says that we should all visit Ngong Ping because that seems safer and more enjoyable for the whole family.

We took the mtr to Tung chung station, just one more station after Sunny bay interchange which leads to disneyland. After that we went to the cable car station to buy tickets to Ngong Ping. Heres a tip, book the tickets online first before you go there to avoid the Long lines just to get to the ticket booth since Ngong ping is a vacay hotspot for both Locals and tourist in Hong kong. My mum thought that it would be a good Idea for us to buy the tickets for the crystal cable car which has transparent floors. It was a good idea for the first 5 minutes, but after we left the first checkpoint,  we and the other 3 Korean girls on the cable car became a bit more cautious. It was drizzling a bit on our way up, but as soon as we reach Ngong ping it stopped raining but the clouds still looms overhead.

Ngong ping is a cute little village up in Lan tau island, at least it used to be, now its called Ngong ping 360, a 1.5 hectare vacation hotspot. Ngong ping isnt just famous for its wonderful view, theres a "walking with Budha" theatre which tells the story of Budha, not to mention the huge Budha statue perched on the peak of the mountain overlooking the village. Word is, theres even a monastery hidden in the mountains where shaolin monks train in the ways of peace and all out kung fu action!

After taking pictures from the village, I wanted to go up to the statue to see what its like up there. Mum and dad refused because of unknown reasons, and I didnt even bother to ask Karin to come because an exhausted Karin is not a good Karin to be with when you are on a mountain pass. But they let me go alone anyways because they know Im still bummed on not going to dysneyland. While they waited down at the village in Ebenezers for lunch, I pushed on up the mountain on foot.

Wow, just wow. Look at all those stairs. I walked up from the village, followed the signs to the statue pointing upwards, and it lead me to this bunch of staircases leading up in about 60 degrees of inclination. It felt tiring as I walked the stairs to the statue, at least the surrounding greenery is a nice change of scenery. I estimate about 250 steps of stairs... Accuracy may vary...

Now I know why my mum and dad didnt want to come, my legs feels like they are coming off as soon as I reach the top of the staircase. But hell was that worth it. I get to see the Budha statue up close and get to see the view from atop of the mountain. This place reminds me a lot of Borobudur temple back in Indonesia; but without the hyroglyphs on the walls and the lack of Indonesian spoken here. I catch my breath and snapped some pics.

After I caught my breath, I quickly went back down to catch up on Lunch with the Family.Damn, they make really good pizzas in Ebeneezers...

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