Thursday, July 4, 2013

Macau History District Stroll

Summer in Macau, the wind blows but I can still feel the rays of the sun touching my skin, almost burning them on contact. The narrow paved streets of Largo de Santa domingos filled with stores selling piglet fillet and "mystery egg tarts". I can still feel the Portugese influence on the architechture of the old buildings as I walk up the crowded street with my family to our ultimate prize; the ruins of st. Pauls.

As We climb the stairs up the ruins, I cant help but think of the tragic events that occur here on these ruins of an old church. Built in 1640 formerly known as the church of Mater dei until it was used by scholars as a college of st. Pauls. Fire then broke out in st. Pauls, 2 times until a final fire in 1835 burned st. Pauls to the ground, except its front gate and jts foundations of its pillars. Now a tourist historical destination, the majestic "front door" still stands overlooking the old buildings in Rue de Santo antonio and Senado square.

The place is quite popular with tourist from around the globe as it is pictured in almost every Macau tourism brochures. As We stood there soaking in the view from atop of st Pauls, We also soak up some of the the heat from the sun which lead to me loosing my "brain juice", which in turn making me less cheerful and energetic. So we head back down and bought some ice cream from a cheeky Turkish dude with a long stick.

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