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The Discography (2008 - 2013)

I was on a morning car ride to the airport to pick up My sister last Friday and Me and the mum were having a chat. I have band practice later that evening with some friends for an upcoming gig My mum asked how I met one of my guitarist Bayu. Since the story I recalled in the car is quite interesting, might as well share it with you Lot.

Early Years

Alright, I was still in middle school. I was taking drumming lessons at Yamaha because my dad played guitar and has an old drum set from back in the day. He didnt quite show me how to play it right, and it looked cool so I asked him to sign me up for drumming lessons. Anyway there was an upcoming school show, i think it was Labschools ACEX show. Adam and Ical approached me one afternoon at school and invited me to play for their band. I was psyched because I didnt have anyone to play music with back then besides My dad.

Reoffended, Contoyin, RTTN, and DOM (2008-2010)

This is the yearbook photo for DOM/RTTN
My first band was called "Reoffended" which consists of Fabian on vocals, Fazzy and Reza on guitars, Ical on bass, Adam on synth and Me on the drums. After our first show, Ical left the band and was replaced by Iqul the new bassist. Then Reza left because he was too busy with student council affairs. Fabian stopped singing for the band one day and Adam replaced him on vocals. Soon the band changed its name to "Contoyin", you can check out the dead myspace site here just for laughs. One practice day, Iqul said that we should change our bands name into something more biblical. I opposed it, and some of the band did too. I dont know why but we changed the bands name to Run towards the noise or "RTTN". RTTN only lasted one gig though and we changed our band name again in May, so we named our band Died on may or "DOM" for the labschool farewell night.

Now in the middle of all that fuzz I Met Bayu, he was on one of the popular bands in middle school called "Porter of happiness" (I know, we make silly names for our bands). He asked me to play drums for him with some friends and I think we kicked it to a whole new level because I still play with him in highschool.

Acid Stains (2010-2013)

An Early recording photo of Acid stains.

Okay, middle school ended and I moved on to highschool. Bayu and I attended the same highschool so we managed to keep in touch even though we were on different classes. Bayu got a call from Bibin and Adit (both are bayu's friends) saying that they wanted to make a band. I got a call from Bayu inviting me to come to a practice. We didnt have a name back then but we played some classic rock songs from LeD Zeppelin which heavily influenced the band to play to develop our own distinct style in future music writing.

The first song we ever recorded was "Bastard". Bibin the vocalist wrote the lyrics because he is such a poet, and Bayu and Adit wrote the song. Me? I just play the drums when they told me too :p. Bibin brought some girl-friends to the recording session. And while we were taking a break over happy-tos chips and bottled water we discussed our band name. I wanted to name the band Four of a kind, but Bibin's girl-friends says Acid Stains was better. We took votes and I was the only one who voted Four of a kind while everyone in the room including the sound guy voted for Acid Stains, And thus Acid stains was born.

Acid stains consisted of Bibin on Vocals, Bayu on guitar, Adit on bass, and me on drums. We called in Adrian to help Bayu play some of the rhythm parts on some songs when we play live. Here are some of the shows I played live as Acid Stains.

Acid Stains was by-far the most successful band I have been in yet, that doesent mean that we pull in a lot of crowd on all of our shows. But at least we didnt change band names on the fly and kick out guys from the band. Well soon Bibin moved on to University as a photography student, Adit was bussy with some stuff. The band practice less frequently until we finally stopped and took a break to focus with our senior year studies.

Acid stains Stopped for a while and I dont even know if it will resurface again. We still keep in touch as friends but we hardly ever practice together anymore. Although there is a chance that I will play another gig for my highschol's senior prom this Friday with Bayu, Iqul, and Bayu's friend Kevin.

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