Monday, June 3, 2013

Graduation day

Graduation day was last friday and now Im officially an alumni of my highschool and I've free time until September which is still very far away.

The ceremony dubbed "PWT" or purna widya teladan was schedhuled to be on 7.30 in the morning. My mum was part of the commitee and had to arrive early. But  I had other plans and didnt want to arrive early, so I took my shower at 6 and we left the house at 6.30. As we all know traffic in Jakarta is a hell hole which means we were probably gonna arrive at 7.30 sharp. My mum was yelling at me the hole time on the way telling me I should have went earlier to skip the traffic jams. 

But we arrive 15 minutes early so its fine. I met up with my friends and the ceremonies begin! All the usual speeches, and the occasional dances and singing performances by our juniors fill the time before the new Headmaster gave the graduates a medal to signify our passing to Uni life!.

Yeah thats me in a suit, you dont see me very often in a suit but there I am, in a suit.All the guys had to wear suits and the girls wear a kebaya which is a traditional feminime gatment. 

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