Thursday, May 16, 2013

How I run My iPhone

The iPhone, 

It was a mix of an ipod and a phone when it first came out. It had some addons that comes in "app" form, apps which are needed to maximize the usability of the phone. But with all the hype, it came with a flaw which was the limited customation capabilities which are coded by apple ever since they came out of the box, just like any other apple products. 

Ive been an avid iphone user since the 3g and even with all the android and windows phone hype, I have not yet developed a sense for converting. I try to make due with the iphone because it  is ACTUALLY capable of performing beautifully like an android or windows phone, you just have to push the right buttons to do it.

1. I jailbreak my phone

No its not illegal, the apple geniuses at the apple store just wont help you if anything goes wrong when you update or failed to backup on your phone or computer. I am usually against jb-ing in my apple devices because my old 3g has a weak processor and it just couldnt run its own os smoothly, but with newer iphones, ipads, or ipods the jailbreak runs better faster and smoother, you just have to getover the inconstant random crashes... If it happens..

Secondly, Jailbreaking your iphone is a key step to unlock the modification capabilities of the phone which were limited by apple. Apple claims they limit the capabilities of the phone to save battery life and reliability ( crash prone, data load time, etc). And all though those claims are true in some apps, the newer jailbreak os does not drain battery life that considerably, and if you decided to quit jailbreaking you can always restore.

Now, how do I run my jailbroken phone?


With hailbreaking, you get a chance to change the theme of your phone. Themes change the way your icons, lockscreen, and wallpaper look( although apple added a wallpaper capability in its own os). Winterboard is the cydia tweak you need, its an app that lets you install downloadable themes which are available on cydia (the jailbreak tweaks distribution store). Some of the free ones I dont like, and the cool ones I have to pay. Right now i am running a theme called iMIUI which was based on the android version of MIUI. It looks great so far apart from some bugs that occurs in some detail instances but in general its great and looks sleek. If you want to get an iMIUI theme you can follow the steps here

3. Apps and stuffs

Jailbreakers usually get free apps, i used to do that but installous was shut down and I just realised that piracy is bad... Kinda. Anyways i have some games on my phone but not as much as a kid has because my phone isnt a toy, its where i do my blogging, its how i take pictures, and its where i do my social media stuff.

So what do you think of my phone? Is it still overated? Am I an iPhone fanboy? 

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