Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hair cream collection

If you know me, than you know that I use a lot of hair products. So many hair products that my hair grows back in a week after you shave it all. Out of all the products, hair gels, pomade, or waxy cream are my favorite weapons. Let it be a spiky hair style, smooth side combs, or just messy, I have hair wax to acomodate those styles.
These 3 tubs right here are my current weapon. From left to right; murrays superior pomade, lush dirty styling cream, and the aveda light elements.

The pomade is for styles which requires solid 50s style shiny hair- dos. I dont quite nailed the look like my friend Daris, because my side parts dont look quite as great as his. But then again, i like my hair combed to the sides with pomade. Pomade adds a kind of greasy sticky texture to your hair, just like the greaser boys back in the day. 

The aveda cream is the newest in my arsenal. I bought it when my mum visited the aveda stand in singapore. The sales lady was kind enough to let me try it out, and it gave me styling capabilities just like the gatsby tubs I used to use when I was in gradeschool. When the creams wet, your hair feels sticky, but the stickyness dissapears when it dries and gives the bair a clean crisp look. Pitty they dont hold for long...

And that is my current haircut, i wanted to bleach it and give it a pomegranate colour like Jared Leto but my mum only approves the mohawk and not the haircolor when I showed her the picture of him. I used the lush cream when I need super strong hold on my hair. They wash out easily when you shampoo so thats a plus. The guys at lush works wonder with their "dirty" product lines and makes marvelous works of art that rivals bodyshop. When i take a shower with their soap, the smell of pine coves compliments the sandal wood on my hair and I feel a lot more cheeky :)

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