Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hair cream collection

If you know me, than you know that I use a lot of hair products. So many hair products that my hair grows back in a week after you shave it all. Out of all the products, hair gels, pomade, or waxy cream are my favorite weapons. Let it be a spiky hair style, smooth side combs, or just messy, I have hair wax to acomodate those styles.
These 3 tubs right here are my current weapon. From left to right; murrays superior pomade, lush dirty styling cream, and the aveda light elements.

The pomade is for styles which requires solid 50s style shiny hair- dos. I dont quite nailed the look like my friend Daris, because my side parts dont look quite as great as his. But then again, i like my hair combed to the sides with pomade. Pomade adds a kind of greasy sticky texture to your hair, just like the greaser boys back in the day. 

The aveda cream is the newest in my arsenal. I bought it when my mum visited the aveda stand in singapore. The sales lady was kind enough to let me try it out, and it gave me styling capabilities just like the gatsby tubs I used to use when I was in gradeschool. When the creams wet, your hair feels sticky, but the stickyness dissapears when it dries and gives the bair a clean crisp look. Pitty they dont hold for long...

And that is my current haircut, i wanted to bleach it and give it a pomegranate colour like Jared Leto but my mum only approves the mohawk and not the haircolor when I showed her the picture of him. I used the lush cream when I need super strong hold on my hair. They wash out easily when you shampoo so thats a plus. The guys at lush works wonder with their "dirty" product lines and makes marvelous works of art that rivals bodyshop. When i take a shower with their soap, the smell of pine coves compliments the sandal wood on my hair and I feel a lot more cheeky :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to eat halal in Singapore

This post is going to be centered around the way I eat in Singapore since I visit a lot, and do my shopping there so yeah...


When I book my hotels, I usually leave out the breakfast check box unticked. Why you ask? Firstly I always travel on a budget, always get the cheapest option. Secondly, I dont like to just eat at a hotel and I'd rather eat out because I like to experience what the locals feel when I travel. To combat the need of food in the morning, I always go to get a bit of groceries when Im in Singapore.

I buy bread, some cookies, cheese, and even fruit. All the grub they sell here are amazing, some stuff I cant get when I'm back home in Jakarta like maybe some exotic swedish goat cheese or some singapore packed yoghurt. Fruits are usually cheaper in Jakarta, but since the new fruit and vegetable import policy is in effect, its expensive to buy import fruits and the local grown ones are horse- food quality. Im not saying that I dont like local grown stuff, but the quality is just so low that even me as a person with low standards for food just wouldnt want to eat those vegies and fruits.


This is the part where we eat out. I always go with my mum and dad and sister and just go and checkout the city. We dont do as much shopping as we used to because we now visit more frequently so we cool down n the shopping and just walk around. But when we get hungry we search for food.

Getting Halal food is a bit dificult when you eat in some of the mall foodcourts in Orchard, marina bay, etc. They have some halal foods but they mostly consist of padang, prata, and maybe the occasional yong tau fu soup. Karin showed me a great food corner in Bugis which is called "tong seng food house". The place sells singaporean delecasies but with a halal twist. Chicken rice withought the pork, soup without the lard, and other foods which taste awesome, and its cheap too.


If you are looking for Halal food, whatever you do do not go to din tai fung, its halal in Jakarta i think, but its not in Singapore since they sell pork dumplings and xia long baus. That being said, there are a lot of other options to eat out and experiece some cool places in Singapore.

The last time I went there Karin sugested to my family that we eat at a restaurant called "spize". Its a middle eastern asian fusion restaurant with a killer Mutton murtabak. Karin and my parents took a cab while me and Gandang took the bus from vivo city. Karin told me to take the bus 65 from vivo, but she forgot to tell me that I have to take it from the bus stop opposite of Vivo not the one in front of it. Gandang and I got lost and ended up in a bus station on the end of harborfront, but we finally found our way to the restaurant which was located in river valley. They have another outlet in Bedok but I havent been there.

The food was good but speaking of middle eastern style food, there is a famous restaurant somewhere near Bugis, specifically Arab street just in fromt of the mosque. The restaurant is called "Zam zam". You cant miss it because its always crowded and they have a big sign. The specialty here are the 1 dollar pratas, and the insanely good deer murtabak or "murtabak rusa". Deer meat actually tastes good, they have a texture like mutton but has a distinct juicy taste. Indefinetly recommend you to eat there if you can get a seat though...

That was my mom trying to tweetpic her lunch in Senayan. And with that random picture this post has come to an end...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The game that made me play...

As you know, I am an avid gamer. I've been gaming since i was in gradeschool, back then my parents had to ration the times which I play, but when Im bigger, I have developed my own system of dividing the time for me to play my games (so that means I play responsibly).

 Anyway, this last couple of months I've been glued to my seat playing a gem known as DC universe online or "dcuo" for short. Dcuo is a mmorpg or massively multiplayer online role playing game. It is available on pc and in my case which is the ps3. I actually have played this back in 2012 when one of my New Zealandeese friendstold me about this game. I tried it because it has a free to play policy for it, although some of the cool stuff are reserved for players who pay- to play more. But I got bored a week ago and started playing again. In this game, you get to play as either a hero, or be a bad villain. Think of it just like world of warcraft except you get to run around in tights with your favorite heroes or villains from the DC universe.

The character creation settings are based on 3 different power origins. The Meta origins which are mentored by Superman or Lex luthor, the magic origin with wonderwoman or circee as mentors, and finally a tech origin with batman or the joker as their mentors. My first character was a magic guy with mental powers, I played until my character was level 23 but then I stopped because the quest's were getting too hard for me. The character Im leveling now is a tech-gunslinger named "mastermakoko". Yes, the name is a bit pushing it but its still better than "smileb4death", or "xDeaThKittyx".

The game mechanics are great, the story depends on the origins you choose, and you get to play an mmorpg in a ps3. The game is so huge that I've contracted the Skyrim disease, which means I always spare time to play no matter what!

So Im almost at level 30 which is the max level and my current target, and Im curious how this will turn out. So until then, I will be on my ps3.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

How I run My iPhone

The iPhone, 

It was a mix of an ipod and a phone when it first came out. It had some addons that comes in "app" form, apps which are needed to maximize the usability of the phone. But with all the hype, it came with a flaw which was the limited customation capabilities which are coded by apple ever since they came out of the box, just like any other apple products. 

Ive been an avid iphone user since the 3g and even with all the android and windows phone hype, I have not yet developed a sense for converting. I try to make due with the iphone because it  is ACTUALLY capable of performing beautifully like an android or windows phone, you just have to push the right buttons to do it.

1. I jailbreak my phone

No its not illegal, the apple geniuses at the apple store just wont help you if anything goes wrong when you update or failed to backup on your phone or computer. I am usually against jb-ing in my apple devices because my old 3g has a weak processor and it just couldnt run its own os smoothly, but with newer iphones, ipads, or ipods the jailbreak runs better faster and smoother, you just have to getover the inconstant random crashes... If it happens..

Secondly, Jailbreaking your iphone is a key step to unlock the modification capabilities of the phone which were limited by apple. Apple claims they limit the capabilities of the phone to save battery life and reliability ( crash prone, data load time, etc). And all though those claims are true in some apps, the newer jailbreak os does not drain battery life that considerably, and if you decided to quit jailbreaking you can always restore.

Now, how do I run my jailbroken phone?


With hailbreaking, you get a chance to change the theme of your phone. Themes change the way your icons, lockscreen, and wallpaper look( although apple added a wallpaper capability in its own os). Winterboard is the cydia tweak you need, its an app that lets you install downloadable themes which are available on cydia (the jailbreak tweaks distribution store). Some of the free ones I dont like, and the cool ones I have to pay. Right now i am running a theme called iMIUI which was based on the android version of MIUI. It looks great so far apart from some bugs that occurs in some detail instances but in general its great and looks sleek. If you want to get an iMIUI theme you can follow the steps here

3. Apps and stuffs

Jailbreakers usually get free apps, i used to do that but installous was shut down and I just realised that piracy is bad... Kinda. Anyways i have some games on my phone but not as much as a kid has because my phone isnt a toy, its where i do my blogging, its how i take pictures, and its where i do my social media stuff.

So what do you think of my phone? Is it still overated? Am I an iPhone fanboy?