Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ragusa ice night

Hey, its been a while. On the count of me doing my nationals exam and a lot of other 12th grade important stuff. Havent had as much time to blog lately but since I've finished all that nonsensical hoo-haa, I got spare time, a spare month or two actually.

Last night I had to acompany my dad to the clinic because he has some patients apointment for an operation. As we all know the Clinic is in Cikini, and around that place is a great place to have a food safari at night. I gave Calvin a call and told him to meet me and the Lord at the Ke on Sirih Mutton fried rice Joint because I havent eaten and I am super hungry for some fried rice. My sister didnt have some mutton fried rice but she did had some chicken fried rice. Guess she wasnt so into mutton eh?

After I finished eating, I asked Calvin for any ideas to spend the night. Since my dad was occupied until 11, we decided to go to Ragusa Ice cream near the Istiqlal mosque. Personally I have never eaten there or even been there, but from what I heard from all my friends that have been there the place seems allright. That is until I came there for myself and had some ice cream there.

Ragusa Ice Italia, or at least thats what they say its called is an old fashioned Ice cream house. They are originally owned by the Ragusa family back in 1932, an Italian family who setteled in Jakarta back when the Dutch was still Invading Indonesia. Place doesent change much from the family pictures I see hanged on the walls, except that they really let the place go. I feel like im eating ice cream in a morgue, seriously, the waiters were wearing white garbs( at least for the first 15 minutes of my visit, and they took those off when they were pouring some "mysterious"' concoction into the ice machine that looked like wasteproduct from a days work of rice washing ) and the place was kinda dirty but thats what you expect from an old fashion ice cream place in the old city.

But nonetheless the Banana split was okay, the homemade ice cream although the choclate and strawberry were not my Forte, the vanilla was ok. My sister had some spaghetti ice cream which was vanilla ice cream made in the shape of spaghetti, my mum has some tutti frutti ice cream ( if you eat this back in the old days ), and Calvin had the 3 scoop surprise'which was suprisingly tasty.

After I say goodbye to Calvin, we head on back to the clinic to pick up dad who was not yet finished at the time I arrive there. So i stopped by the Kun Kaya Toast place near the Clinic and bought myself some toast to snack on while I wait.

And that was the story of when i tried out Ragusa ice. I know some of you have been there but maybe does not think that it is mourge-esque. But i think it feels like a morgue and i'd rather eat some freebie handpacks that I regularly get from Baskin and Robins or Cold stone in my house than go there again.

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