Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend at SMS

 Aaah, who doesnt like the view of take out pizza? My mom doesnt, at least for the first 10 minutes, but after She ate some of my piece, she learned to love them like one of her own. Anyway, I am now going to tell you what I did last Saturday night. I was going to go to Gandang's birthday dinner in Sency but my parents decided that I'd rather go with them to visit my uncle Iwans house in BSD.

As soon as we got there I ate the pizza and Mozarella sticks that My auntie Uci prepared for the family. We also meetup with the Bintaro clan ( My uncle Bima & Auntie Lieq ) as weel as the Tebet burrow ( Aunt Irma and Uncle Wayan ), as well as my cousins. The house is full of cool tech and gizmos as well as a killer TV and home audio setup.

The Home theater was so intense that even the Lord Chamberlaine joined in.
After our Maghrib prayers, We head off to SMS or 'Sumarechon Mall Serpong" to spend out Saturday night. The place is quite chick and lively, its designed to be an open air restaurant row with live music entertainment. We Had dinner at a restaurant called "chicken..".... Honestly I forgot, it was a peranakan restaurant like Radja ketjil, and kembang Goela. And if theres one thing i hate about peranakan restaurants is that they all have small freakin portions!. As small as the portions are though they taste bloody good, we didnt order any chicken though because they charge too much for a chicken cooked in a clay piggy bank and call it "beggars chicken". Well go beg someone else to eat that buddy.
 The band started playing at 9:30 and we were stoked because one stage was near our restaurant. So we watched them on our table while most people stand. They were pretty good, they know all the popular songs that people in Jakarta liked and played them spot on. They even did a mini Harlem shake and their own version of Gangnam style.

The music was good but i was getting bored and sleepy. So I walked around the area with my Cousins and got ourselfs some bubble tea.

mine is the 2nd from the right

bobbits bubble tea... I think, I'm not good with names.
 We all went home at around 11:30, and i slept at 2 in the morning which was a record breaking sleeping time from the old record which was 00:45.

What did you do on the weekends? did you have fun last Saturday? How bout we all do a Harlem shake vid together?

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