Monday, March 11, 2013

Ideas for a new webshow

If theres two things I like, its travelling and eating. So I went about the internet and watched almost all the cool channels on youtube like FunforLouis, Jacksgap, epicmealtime, and many more cool people making money... Youtube money for only having fun. My idea of fun is eating... for free with youtube money if i had any, but for now might as well just stuff myself with all the glorious street food in this City of Jakarta.

Back to the dilemma, I am thinking of making a food travel show totether with the wonderful Lord Chamberlaine. We will be scowering Jakarta's night street food vendors eating food and having fun. I would also like to invite some special guest stars to eat with us on some episodes of the show. I already have a place i want to visit on the finale of season 1 of "Jajan Malam" which is the name of the show in Indonesian which translates to " Night snacks". Hint: The most favorite thing I eat in Kebon Sirih.

For now though im still bussy with my school work because its near the end of the academic year and i have all my exams going. I will also plan this show and calling some sponsors to sponsor my webshow because if there is one thing I like better than eating, its eating for free...

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