Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Xero Shoes

So I am really big on barefoot running ever since my very first Vibram Fivefingers, and i am now eagerly waiting for the new El-x vibram but I havent been to Singapore and i am now relying on my sister to buy one for me... if she has the chance.

But I want to try something else than Vibram but still holds true to the barefoot experience policy. I read up on the birthdayshoes blog, its a blog about barefoot shoes which I totally recommend you on reading that, so anyways I read up that theres another type of barefoot shoes other than the vff's.

Huarache Sandals!, they are sandals, made for running. In the book Born to run, tells a story about the Tarahuma Indians, a tribe of people who runs 60-70 km A day just for fun, and they run in a pair of makeshift sandals called Huaraches.

Anyways im too lazy to make my own so i bought a DIY kit from xeroshoes too safe me the time cutting the thing. Their a pretty dedicated bunch those guys. Xeroshoes is a company run by a barefoot runner couple in Boulder rock i think? Anyways they havent arrived yet at my house and im still waiting for them...

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