Monday, February 25, 2013

Xero Huarache's

So a few days ago i got this in the mail...

That is a first class USPS mail envelope from Boulder Colorado. I ordered some Huaraches from Xeroshoes. They used to call themselves Invisible shoes but now they changed names into xeroshoes, but they still sell the same huaraches. I ordered the DIY kit which costs 40$ plus shipping, and i had to make them myself oh Joy.

I opened up the envelope and i found a pair of outer 4mm feeltrue outsoles, some nylon strings and a hole puncher. There is another choice of soles which were called the 6mm impact, but i always wanted the most "barefoot" experience from any minimalist footwear I buy, so i ordered the 4 mm feeltrue's.
This should be easy to make right?
Making the hoes is easy, I just line up my feet on the soles and used a hammer and the hole puncher and punched the hole in. Now, Huaraches are Customarily a "string and shoe" style footwear, but there are many ways of tying them onto your feet. Some people tied them so that they look like those roman sandals girls wear nowadays, but i wanted something simple and easy to get on and off. There are a variety of tying instructions on the xeroshoes website, but i choose the basic xero style because thats what they used for their custom made xero's.

Fashion wise, these guys go great with everything. I regarded them as replacements for my birkenstocks that my uncle snatched from me, thus they have that "tropical island" atmosphere to them. They are good for walking and maybe some light running, alright they ARE good for runing because Huaraches are essentially traditional running sandals of the Tarahumara Indians. The ground feel, amazing. They feel as good as my KSO's because the soles are so thin yet they feel protective.

The only thing you need to look after when making these are accuracy. I had 2 holes on both my right and left huarache because i made a mistake on punching the holes. When punching the holes make sure that the positioning is as near to the gap between your first and second toe and nearer to the 2nd toem because when you run and walk, the sandals tend to go inward.

The next thing to consider is trimming and cutting the soles. Now the guy at Xero said that if they fit, I should wear them as is and not trim them. But after a test drive in the mall i felt that because they are a bit big for me, they flop around and i loose the barefoot feel. So i had to cut trim them to BARELY touching my toes to make them feel more comfortable on walks and jogs.

Other than that the Huaraches feel awesome. They have a good barefoot feel, they dont cost as much as any other Huaraches, they are versatile enough for the trails, and they are quite stylish :).

If your interested in buying a pair, check out xeroshoes . And if you have any questions about them, just call or email Steven Sashen the CEO, He'll be happy to help or maybe lecture you in barefoot running -_-.

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