Sunday, February 10, 2013

NTU Entrance exam

It is almost the end of the semester and all the 12th graders are talking about what university will they enroll after high school ends this June. Most of the kids in my class all picked the PTN university with a backup of local private universities such as Trisakti, Prasetya Mulya, and STEKPI.

I want to continue my studies abroad but i dont want to take another SAT test or retake my cambridge A levels, so I picked NTU as one of the universities I would like to continue my studies on because all i need is an UAN certificate and pass the NTU entrance exam.

So anyways i went for the exam Saturday last week in Jubilee school in Sunter which is a traffic hotspot in Jakarta,just the thought of going there makes me twitch because i cant stand the traffic. And to make it worse, i had to come back the next day because the exam was two days. The first day was A level maths and english.

A level maths...

I seriously thought the last time I would see another A level math question was back in Oct '12 when I took my A levels, but alas I meet again with this handsome devil. I didnt like it when it was a cambridge problem, and now to make it worse it was an NTU version of it, more complicated thats why. But I took it like a man and went it for the kill. English wasnt so bad though...

The next day was physichs, its a good thing I dont have to take biology and chemistry because I was beat, and I dont want my Sunday all taken up full day.

What about you? Are you finishing your school years and looking for universities or colleges too?