Monday, February 18, 2013

Brightspot '13

Who would not want to go to the brightspot? Well Hipsters in the Jakarta Area all gathered round this wonderful event of fashion, subculture, and youth spirit. The event was held on the 15th until the 17th of February. The brightspot is a kind of convention filled with independent contemporary brands of the fashion industry, as well as some knick knack shops like Ak. Sa. Ra. bookshop.

I wanted to go there on Saturday with some friends but I was tired, lucky that Dad had to operate on Sunday in the Clinic at Cikini so I snatched my Mum and went of to the brightspot. I didnt want anything from the brightspot, but saying that would be an understatement.

This year, the event is held in sunny Grand Indonesia, just at the center of the Hotel Indonesia square which is a tourist hotspot. The mall itself is usually filled with foreigners because that whole section of Jakarta is where the offices are and that means lots of people on business trips. The brightspot takes up about half of the entire 5th floor of the west mall, it is a an improvement from last years brightspot which was held in Plaza Senayan. More space means more stalls and lots of cafe's too. The brightspot is home to some popular local brands such as Seba Shoes, Pot meets Pop, cotton ink, zevin, and Voyej the famous leather goods seller. Other than local brands there are also brands from overseas like Akaime denim from japan, or Deus ex machina the biker clothing line brand from Australia.

Place was packed the whole 3 days

Anyways the mum had a splendid time there in Brightspot. She managed to buy herself some cool "diaper" pants, some tops to match her everyday wardrobe, and some skull rings. The rings were pretty cool so I bought myself a ring too. We didnt want to stay there too long because the hipster radiation is getting to us, so we left and waited for dad while we ate some Mutton friedrice in Kebon Sirih.
it may not look that good, but trust me it tastes a lot better with your eyes closed.
So what did I buy at the brightspot you ask?
I "invested" in a pair of matching wallet and belt from Voyej. The detail on their crafts are awesome and i totally recommend other people on getting their product. I also bought a Lego Moleskine and the skull rings from greedysae i think? i forgot the name of the brand but they are pretty cool too, they had a starwars ring on sale but it didnt fit me because it was too small...

So did you went to brightpot last weekend? if you did are you a hipster? what did you buy?

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